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  1. goodvibes

    Flagship 10 Knowles BA FA19 Is Officially Released

    The tech is not earth shattering. The mids tech looks to be a mechanical bandpass filter and the external BA bass venting looks similar to what's done ion the Sliivo slt6. (We use a custom-made "sonion" composite open-aperture woofer with a chamber airflow valve to achieve massive airflow and...
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    The discovery thread!

    Mine get a complete pass this way. Won't be my go to but I could listen with interest and without fatigue. Stock, out of my ears pretty quick but I'm a zealot.
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    The discovery thread!

    So, being bored and wanting a play thing, I ordered a pr of 7Hz Salnotes Zero for giggles. 1st listen and then after a bit of run in there's not much noticeable change since they have a strong slightly ragged higher register that dominates. Makes them sound lean, flat and and a bit ragged. So I...
  4. For Sale  Queststyle CMA Fifteen DAC / HP Amp. Upgraded!

    1599.00 USD
    Excellent/Like new
    Or best offer
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    1. United States of America
    Questyle CMA Fifteen DAC/Headphone amp. Unit has been upgraded from new by replacing all the internal Nichicon FW (audio grade) capacitors with FG (fine gold). They're physically larger and more costly but improved every aspect of the sound. Clearly more refined and blacker with better texture...
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    Questyle CMA Fifteen — International Review Tour

    I'll be listing mine in the buy sell trade forum in the next few days. All the internal Nichicon FW caps are upgrade to Fine Gold (FW) with a few of the larger values bypassed. Did this as an experiment and it was very successful. Clearer, more contrast, openness, focused, and textural...
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    ONIX XM5 - First Portable Player by ONIX / Flagship ESS ES9039PRO DAC / Simple Music Focused System

    It's a nice amp chip with a follower circuit to actually lower the output impedance like here. The ONIX does NOT have a high output impedance and should work well with any IEM and almost all headphones.
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    Subtonic STORM: Impressions and Discussion

    Seems to me that the only way to purposely do that is with phase cancelation via the super tweeter crossover. I can't comment on the actual sound so won't but will guess it would sound very friendly and open on top with an added ethereal factor. Looks like the dip is prevented from being even...
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    ONIX XM5 - First Portable Player by ONIX / Flagship ESS ES9039PRO DAC / Simple Music Focused System

    I remember ONIX from the 80s and they were very good at doing amps etc. Did they have a hand in the final voicing etc of the kit you make with/for them or help them with?
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    MOONDROP MIAD01 5G Mobile- Audiophile smartphone

    Don't care about DSP tube sound but really like the rest.
  10. goodvibes

    Diminishing returns

    For me, it was the Moondrop S8 with comply tips and matching cable choice that got me there. It sounds like a single driver but optimized for all ranges at the same time without compromise. Percentages are meaningless as it's a qualitative and not quantitative assessment of meeting a personal...
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    How much better than Tidal is Qobuz (for sound quality)?

    I can listen to actual masters of what's on both platforms on some top (costly) home kit to compare and Qobuz is easily the better representation. Try doing one of their downloads (to wav.) and comparing it to the live stream sometime. It may have you rethink what 'bit perfect' actually means...
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    ONIX XM5 - First Portable Player by ONIX / Flagship ESS ES9039PRO DAC / Simple Music Focused System

    I still slightly prefer the sound of Qobuz, even after Tidal improved some months back and finally dropped the ill conceived MQA.
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    New- Zishan Z1 DSD player thread

    heat gun if the parts won't melt. clean, tin rosin and flow.
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    CanJam SoCal 2023 Impressions Thread

    Don't see how they could even do that without a phase issue There's not enough components to fit, even in that large shell, to get a noble/notch filter that steep. I was being kind but it looks like phase cancelation or simply something I'm in the dark about. The coupler used can't be far from...
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    CanJam SoCal 2023 Impressions Thread

    It's great curve except for that huge trough at 8K where you'd expect and insertion peak and I've seen that in other response measurements as well. Perhaps it's intentional to compensate for the insertion standing wave and overdone but my guess is the super tweeters are phase inverted relative...
  16. goodvibes

    DX200=Affordable High End Audio. Dual ES9028Pro dacs. AMP1, AMP3, AMP5, AMP7 & AMP8 ***Firmware support now up for AMP9***

    try popping the amp card out and back in a few times to clean the contacts.
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    NEW HiBy R4

    Better to have good info here and my post suggested something that is not. It's still in a reply if someone wants to see it but it appears it's not relative to this device as they are using an additional amp stage after the ESS chip set as suggested.
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    NEW HiBy R4

    Thanks guys. Deleted that so not to scare potential buyers and should have looked closer. :zipper_mouth:
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    NEW HiBy R4

  20. goodvibes

    NEW HiBy R4

    I've had players that sound better in that situation from the HF out when they had Low available. Likely had to do with the higher impedances some line outs have. I'd wait for a review of that before dismissing it. By nature of it's price it will have a relatively simple path without as much...
  21. goodvibes

    NEW HiBy R4

    Making DSD better is a fine goal as making any format better would be but I sure wouldn't emphasize it any longer. After all, it's a format that gets mixed and mastered in DXD which is just a fancy name for PCM, to not tip their hand.