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  1. PachmanP

    Pelican (the band) appreciation

    ZOMBIE THREAD!!!!   But for reals, they apparently just dropped a new album. Giving it my first listen through at the moment.
  2. PachmanP

    What You Think is The Best Intro in a Song!

    POD - Southtown The transition when they finally hit it makes the song. This is first one that popped into my head when I saw the title, but my memory has been jogged by so many good calls.
  3. PachmanP

    Most influencial musician of all time?

    Quote: Originally Posted by scytheavatar Those mentioning MJ need to realize first that music as a whole stopped developing after the 70's, so pretty much any of the 80's/90's/00's musician can't be considered influential in any shape or form. Well to be fair to MJ, he did...
  4. PachmanP

    Top 5 songs to play at your funeral.

    This one should depend on the manner in which one dies as well Saturday Night Special by skynyrd and Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot would be appopriate if I get shot because I was caught in an affair. Flying High Again by Ozzy if I die in most any manner involving drugs and high velocities...
  5. PachmanP

    white noise music/sound?

    Shoot I just use a small fan on low... none of this newfangled techno nonsense
  6. PachmanP

    Greatest Grunge Vocalist Ever - Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, ... ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by roadtonowhere08 I voted Eddie Vedder. He may not have the best vocals, but since this is a "Greatest" poll, he is the only one that is alive and/or does not suck today (I'm looking at you, Mr. Cornell, one of the best cases of "what could have been..."). I...
  7. PachmanP

    Slow but hard rock without vocals

    Quote: Originally Posted by steviebee Pelican? I would think their early (better IMHO) stuff like the crushing Mammoth, or March Into The Sea would be too heavy for you, but their last, City of Echoes could be up your alley....In between there was Australasia & The Fire In Our Throats...
  8. PachmanP

    Good cd stores in DC / Baltimore area?

    There's a decent size place in College Park just north of UMD on Rt 1 just after 193 or so. It's big and seemed to have a decent selection when I went in there. I think there's a handful of Record and Tape Traders around, but don't know if they're any good or where.
  9. PachmanP

    The Nine Inch Nails discussion thread

    Nope, nobody on head-fi likes NIN. Not one. Everybody above and below is lying to you because they also dislike people who like NIN. I've heard about a guy who listened to Downward Spiral then went out and killed his whole family. Something about Hurt. Move along now and listen to some...
  10. PachmanP

    (original)movie soundtracks

    Quote: Originally Posted by asher7323 Black Snake Moan soundtrack, far exceeds the quality of the movie. Yeah I'ma have to second that one. In that same vein the Blues Brother's movies had really good sound tracks. And thanks Veipleusehimi I've been looking for a good place...
  11. PachmanP

    Britney v. Christina

    Britiney with the caveat that it's from the days when she first started and was hot and you watched the hit me baby music video on mute...
  12. PachmanP

    What Musical Skill Would You Want?

    The ability to beat the rap for hooking up with underage girls? I guess that's more music related not musical... Ability to evoke emotion with a guitar (besides annoyance...). I mean one can be technically very good, but not able to really speak with your instrument. With that said, I need to...
  13. PachmanP's Music Torture "Hit List"

    They probably played whatever they had on their ipods. My understanding (which is limited) of the thing was that it was very loud and round the clock with that being the mode of torture. I mean the only theme's I can really see are America/USA and a few with lyrics that are a little lewd or...
  14. PachmanP

    FLAC...Better Quality or More Flaws?

    Low grade hiss with the flac but not the mp3 sounds like something is wrong. Have you tried several albums? Maybe you have one that did have crappy quality or something. How does the straight CD sound? This is probably a dumb question, but you didn't just convert the mp3's into flac, right...
  15. PachmanP

    What should an IEM sound like

    I thought the whole point of all this fancy audio hoodoo was make cd's sound like johnny rotten was sitting in your living room yelling at you!
  16. PachmanP

    Recommend Hard Rock Bands

    Nobody has suggested Slipknot?! With "Wait and Bleed" being my fav song off their self-titled album. System of a Down should be on your list with maybe the albums Toxicity and Steal This Album being the first ones to take a look at. "Chop Suey" if you need a particular song. Mabye the band...
  17. PachmanP

    Looking for closed cans with circumaural design

    The sennhieser (sp?) hd280 pros have really good isolation. Used them on airplanes and subways without much trouble, and I keep my music volume pretty low. That said they and probably most circumaural cans tend to be goofy big, and iems are easier to deal with (well except for occasionally...
  18. PachmanP

    whats a good sq portable source from 07..08 ?

    Cowon D2 maybe. Should be getting a little long in the tooth, and it has pretty good sq and very little/no hiss. It also behaves like an external usb drive, so it should just plug right in.
  19. PachmanP

    Data Collection: Who are the majority Headphiles ^ ^

    Quote: Originally Posted by Anomaly10 On the plus side, I have about 2 years worth of salary saved up to spend, on the downside, college costs money The trick is to troll headfi and drool for 4 years with some decent cans, then spend your first paycheck when you get out on some...
  20. PachmanP

    The Tool Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nubster Tool is like ice cream. Their good stuff is GREAT and the ok stuff is still good. I have yet to hear a Tool song I didn't like. Perfect Circle the same way. Heard Emotive? Ugh I hated that "album"... The rest though is pretty damn good. I...
  21. PachmanP

    Does the music you listen to define YOU?

    I said very similar, but mostly because I act like a nutcase that's all over the place and tends to be slightly on edge kinda like my taste in music...
  22. PachmanP

    metal/hard rock songs for workout playlist

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bojamijams Eeek, I'd have to give up a warning about Meshuggah. They're asymetrical timing actually throws me off from lifting as I expect a certain tempo to base my lifts off of to keep the 'pump' going, but since they use such weird timings, it tends to...
  23. PachmanP

    Recommend me some female fronted rock

    a quick hit to a couple of youtubes of The Gathering tunes would suggeset in that vien assuming you tend towards their harder stuff 'cause it's all I got... Lacuna Coil Flyleaf (maybe) Evanescence A quick look at my station based on Lacuna Coil suggests Xandria Sirenia
  24. PachmanP

    Converting WMA > mp3...

    Foobar2000 + Lame3.97 would probably be a good way to go. I believe it will read wma's out the box. Links: HydrogenAudio Wiki on LAME with links to downloads Ditto for Foobar2k
  25. PachmanP

    Magnatune is offering download memberships-Unlimited music for $18 month

    This sounds like a pretty sweet thing going on. I wonder though how frequently they add new music because it might not be worth staying month to month after you dl everything they have that is interesting unless they add enough new stuff that it would be cost effective to go unlimited vs pay 5...