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  1. bunbut

    AKG K701 - What's your serial number

    K701 #10442, still listen to them once in awhile.
  2. bunbut

    Feedback by 'bunbut' on listing '!Lower Price! Mr. Speakers Alpha Primes'

    Solid seller. Responsive and ship fast. No issue. Will do business again. Thank you
  3. bunbut

    Feedback by 'bunbut' on listing 'SMSL SP400'

    Bought the SMSL SP400. Fast response, fast shipping. Smooth transaction.
  4. bunbut

    LCD-X 2021 vs 2018 with 2021 pads - My experience

    @aravaioli are the old and the new pads the same height? are the old and new feel the same? if they are same height and both are leather, can we conclude that must be the materials inside make improvement to the 2018 version then? Thanks
  5. bunbut

    ZMF Aeolus Impressions thread

    Some beautiful stabilized ones. Wish I have some $$$$$ :)
  6. bunbut

    ZMF Aeolus Impressions thread

    @Wes S: is the Ori that much better than Alpha Prime or they are kind of duplicate so you let go the Alpha Prime? Thanks
  7. bunbut

    Mini meet Phoenix

    Good morning, Sorry I had to leave early and just got back from Tucson didn't have a chance to post earlier. The mini meet was great. Love Jason's tube amps. I do like drew911d's Hugo set up but can't afford :) And thank you Greg for hosting it, thank you for let me borrow your Zmf. Thank you...
  8. bunbut

    Mini meet Phoenix

    I will bring some water, soda, beer, and chips. Thank you,
  9. bunbut

    Mini meet Phoenix

    I am in for July 27th. Can bring Grado GS1000e, Aeon Flow Closed, and Ether Closed 1.1 and whatever drinks
  10. bunbut

    Mini meet Phoenix

    Hope you feel better man. Either day will work for me. Thank you
  11. bunbut

    Mini meet Phoenix

    I can make it Sunday. I am out of town on June 23. May, June or July will work for me Thank you,
  12. bunbut

    Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon the Third: March 23rd, 2019

    I would like to join and will pitch in for food and drinks. Thank you
  13. bunbut

    Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon the Third: March 23rd, 2019

    Thank you all for your generosity let us try out your gears. Thank you for the food. Thank you for hosting the meet Thank you all again.
  14. bunbut

    Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon the Third: March 23rd, 2019

    Since there is Fostex/Dekoni Audio Blue headphones, I will bring mr speakers mad dog for people to compare.
  15. bunbut

    Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon the Third: March 23rd, 2019

    Hello all, I only attended 1 of the meet more than 10 years ago in Boston. I didn't see any Grado so I will bring old black grado SR325 with the star drivers grado GS1000e MAD Ear+HD Wyred 4 Sound dac2-dsd I don't have any good source except my laptop via USB with some Vietnamese music not sure...
  16. bunbut

    Modhouse Audio Argon - T50RP MK2/3 & T60RP

    Anyone here from the Phoenix, AZ area with Argon? I have the Mad Dog and would like to get together and compare them for ourselves
  17. bunbut

    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    Very tempted, adorama has it for $245 free shipping right now.
  18. bunbut

    SansaClip+ Rockbox Impressions thread

    Hi, I think this is the best bang for your bucks for using in the gym.  I got the Clip+ and Rockboxed it + Koss PortaPro +16GB card from my old phone, cost me a total of $50 during Black Friday.
  19. bunbut

    Grado has too many choices...

    If you get the SR80, you will always wonder about the SR225. What about used SR225? Most people keep them like new, and you can save a bunch.
  20. bunbut

    Best headphones you've ever listened to.

    Never had a chance to listen to higher end, nor do I have any high end equipment. I only listen to a few of mid, and the best for me was the balanced AKG K340. The instruments separation was great, the female voice sound smooth. Nice wide sound stage. The first pair was lack of bass, but the...
  21. bunbut

    descending into helpless addiction with each purchase

    I start out looking for a headphone to replace Sony V150, plan to pay $50-$100. It was bad to stumble into this place, now I can't really leave.
  22. bunbut

    How many heaphones do you have? And why?

    I sold most of them, still have 2, may buy another one. I really want to own just 1 pair but it is so hard.
  23. bunbut

    Sennheiser rebate is a scam

    I bought 2 phones at different time. One rebate took longer than the other, but I got $ for both rebates. The CX300, I bought from newegg has 2 bar codes thing: I was a bit confused which is the UPC code, so I sent both bar codes in just incase. TheDeliveryMan had answered all my questions...
  24. bunbut

    Best cheap earphone to go

    I vote for CX300 because I just bought the Senn CX300 at newegg, $30 -$5 coupon -$15 rebate from Senn = $10.
  25. bunbut

    Contrary to what ive read...

    I had the V150 for many years. I was looking for replacement and found this place. I then bought the ksc 75. I didn't like the clip on of the koss, and look around here and found you can put the Koss ksc 75 into the V150. So you can try that if you want close vs open. It was really good for I...