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  1. vincent_teh

    RE1/RE2 Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by souperman The soundstage of the RE1 is greater than the RE2, details are a bit better, and dynamics are better as well. I think many would be very fond of the RE2, and may not need the RE1, but those that strive for the best, I say the RE1's are very worth it...
  2. vincent_teh

    IEM/Canal Recommendations needed

    Looks like you took the plunge, and i hope you enjoy the beautiful RE2s I think it'd certainly be nice if you could post your opinion of them.
  3. vincent_teh

    IEM/Canal Recommendations needed

    I actually use my RE2 with +1 bass boost and +1 treble boost on my Meizu M6 player, and also have tried monkeying around with the EQ with the same goal in mind, and (to me, at least) it gives a great sound - music comes out detailed and refined, with just sufficient punch in the bass and treble...
  4. vincent_teh

    IEM/Canal Recommendations needed

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sapic Thanks for the feedback! On the RE2s, does anyone know how much sound it lets out? Also, the first thing that came to mind when I saw that silver grill on the back was "black electrical tape." That's probably a stupid idea but would say electrical...
  5. vincent_teh

    IEM/Canal Recommendations needed

    I owned the EX71s before too. I also ruled out Mylars due to its suspicious build quality. Now i'm using a pair of RE2, and yes it is definitely a huge leap from the Sonys. RE2s have very gd soundstaging and instrument separation compared to your EX71s, and also sound much more refined and...
  6. vincent_teh

    Head-direct RE2 quick review (vs EP-630 and KSC75)

    Hi there, here's a short review of the RE2 which i received recently. I'm not very experienced at owning audiophile stuff, so you might be disappointed if you are expecting me to write a fantastic review comparing it to other high end cans. History I own a pair of Creative EP-630, but I was...
  7. vincent_teh

    RE1 just arrived: impressions

    Thanks for the mini-comparison, finally we're seeing something other than glowing reviews of the RE1 in head-fi. Though you might be quickly "reminded" by the other RE1 reviewers that a good amp transforms the RE1's into a whole new creature. I think we're gonna see more RE1 reviews coming up...
  8. vincent_teh

    Best IEMs for about $60?

    Yeah those shipping costs do sound pretty crazy and unfair. I'm living on the other side of the world, and i can get cheaper shipping than those rates if i ordered from Amazon...
  9. vincent_teh

    Best IEMs for about $60?

    Buying earphones from ebay might be cheaper but you'd have to live with constantly doubting your phones' authenticity, which is not worth the savings IMO unless you have another authentic set to compare with... So it's a wise choice that you're sourcing authorized retailers now I don't...
  10. vincent_teh

    [Pictorial Review] Head-Direct's RE1 - contender of the best IEM

    In the end i ordered the RE2 for its higher sensitivity. My mp3 player goes everywhere i go and i'm just too reluctant to bring around an amp too. That's just me though. Can't wait to try 'em out, i will be VERY satisfied if they can provide me sound that can rival my KSC75 in an IEM. Yes...
  11. vincent_teh

    First IEM: Cheaper UE3 or Expensive UE5/Q-Jay?

    Quote: Originally Posted by OoiTY And I usually listen to alternative and rock music, if anyone wanted to know about my preferences. :P I've auditioned the SF3 before and i must say, the rock songs i passed through them sounded *very* disappointing to me... The mids sounded good...
  12. vincent_teh

    Tragic Story - I'm Heartbroken!

    Audiophile thief?
  13. vincent_teh

    [Pictorial Review] Head-Direct's RE1 - contender of the best IEM

    Quote: Originally Posted by ClieOS p/s: Vincent, do you have a friend called Lim.... (who are helping you on finding IEM)? Erm.. nope, i guess that's another vincent you're talking about? And wow, 2 classes above.. I am a minimalist for my portable audio, i do appreciate...
  14. vincent_teh

    [Pictorial Review] Head-Direct's RE1 - contender of the best IEM

    ClieOS, i know it might be a bit difficult but if you were to quantify how much better is RE1 over RE2, both unamped, how would you rate them?
  15. vincent_teh

    Denon C551 vs. Sony MDR EX90

    From what i've read, I think the cx400s will be noticeably better in mids and highs than the ep630, which i own. Back to the topic, cramkay, i find myself in the exact same position as you! I have the EP630s and have been reading reviews on the C551 (mostly by soozieq) and was a hair away...