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  1. kanix

    Good IEM's with smaller ear buds?

    westones are perfect for small canals
  2. kanix

    What is the best solution?

    $100 sound card will definitely improve the clarity and the quality of your music.
  3. kanix

    Indie - Folk suggestions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Overheat hi there, i love this style of music - i prefer more indie style stuff than the country lean, but i'd have to recommend to you one of my favourite artists, Damien Rice. his "O" album has song after song of beautiful music, whereas the more recent...
  4. kanix

    paypal account me pls.

    I'll recommend you setup a bank account with paypal that way they can put money in your account.
  5. kanix

    5.5G vs. 5G?

    better screen and better battery life acctually, and the search feature
  6. kanix

    Is it just me, or do newer computers generally have very good built-in audio?

    it is better. Although I never noticed the actual difference and always use a external DAC for my computer. I think a new model now have better sound.
  7. kanix

    Computer Audio Rig Dilemma!!! Need Advice!!!

    I'll put more money on the headphones at this point
  8. kanix

    Good IEMs for 150$-250$ range please.

    any idea for the lower (150-200) range ?
  9. kanix

    bigger diameter comply for Westone

    I guess Westone is for small ears...
  10. kanix

    Question on fixing a wire short.

    First locate the short, slice the defective wires, splice the wire, connect it with soldering iron with soldering wick, then tape it with the electrical tape
  11. kanix

    HD555 internals. Anyone want to help compare to HD595 (For future Mods)

    do they sound the same with same internal structure after the change?
  12. kanix

    0404 USB w/ Vista -> sound goes mute?

    it's probably the USB problem not the sound card though. I have similar problem with Vista 64bit
  13. kanix

    Sennheiser HD595 Impressions Thread

    one of the best unamped. any idea for an amp upgrade?
  14. kanix

    I-Tunes Best SQ Option?

    maybe it's the itunes player that sounds dark
  15. kanix

    Introduce me to some Chamber music?

    second Schubert string quartet
  16. kanix

    Indie - Folk suggestions

    second Jose Gonzalez and The Mountain Goats
  17. kanix

    Westone UM3X Thread

    what's the difference between UM3X and W3 on a umamped regular portable device like an ipod?
  18. kanix

    Vista 64-bit...Feedback on compatibility

    I've been using 64bit for over 18 months now and haven't found any conflicts in sound system but the USB port is not as stable. if you want to use a external setup, you may want to check the compatibility.
  19. kanix

    Which DAC to get?

    DAC/HeadAmp combo is always a plus for a starter
  20. kanix


    a pair of new PK1 or OK1 is sold for the similar if not less price in China as the used in the for sale forum.
  21. kanix

    Shure SE310 vs. Ety ER-4P (first impressions)

    now the se310 and e4c are costing the same. I guess people should go with se310.
  22. kanix

    Shure SE310 -VS- Pro -VS- E4C

    got new se310 for super low price, I guess they worth the money.
  23. kanix

    Do Comfortable IEM's Exist??

    for people with small ear canal like me, comfortable IEMs just don't exist. Or they're not really in ear.