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    Reshell se530?

    ahhh right i got the question wrong! my mistake try these links to youtube they both detail  how they have atatched the acoustic tubing into the shell this one the person has made them from scratch...
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    Reply to review by 'subject27' on item 'Shure SRH1540 Headphones'

    please give me some feedback. im going to upload a few pics and write another review for my shure SE846s and one final one for my LEAR BD4.2s when I get them.
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    Review by 'Subject27' on item 'Shure SRH1540 Headphones'

    These at the time were the second product of Shure’s that I had heard and they have really secured my love for Shure’s products. They are a good set of headphones that sound decent I found my-self needing a set of over-ear headphones for every day use and decided to get these based on a few...
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    Reshell se530?

    if you go through a company then most will have a free fitting period where if you arent happy with the fit then you can send them back for them to make adjustments sensaphonics will also record the response of your iems and make sure they sound the same as when you sent them in.
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    Reshell se530?

    hey where are you based? there are tonnes of places that do reshelling! shures own prefered resheller is sensaphonics at: however they are in the USA. if you're in the uk then snuggs are a good place to look at.
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    Snugs: Custom Silicone tips in the UK!

    definitely think this is needed. Im thinking to get some done for my shures because sensaphonics is in the US. it will be far more expensive and take a longer time if i went with them.   slightly off topic but my third option is to do what I've been wanting to do for 4 or 5 years and just get...
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    RHA Dacamp L1, CL1 Ceramic & CL750 Review Tour

    Head-Fi Username: subject27 Location (City, Country):Plymouth, UK RHA Products Previously Used: MA750 Source Gear: astell and kern AK 100, samsung s6 edge, and project carbon debut esprit turntable.
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    Snugs: Custom Silicone tips in the UK!

    sorry to poke an old thread anyone else tried these? how do they compare to the likes of sensaphonics?
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    Reply to review by 'subject27' on item 'Shure SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphone'

    I can share your feels with the ak100 massive disappointment. The gui doesnt even work well, riddled with glitches
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    Review by 'Subject27' on item 'Sennheiser IE80'

    I wanted to go up to a high grade of earphone so I looked on head-fi and saw the IE 80s and purchased them from amazon.     Fresh out of the box they were amazing and some of the best canal-phones I have heard. They felt solid and well-built and the case they come with was very sleek and...
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    What is the best iem for my budget

    Please could you send me a link to the pfe323 and can I have some prices on the two that you mentioned
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    What is the best iem for my budget

    I think I am tied between ue1 pro ue4 pro and the sure se 535
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    What is the best iem for my budget

    I am looking to buy some preferably custom moulded in ear monitors. My budget is £400 my sound preference is all rounded with little emphasis.Is there anything else i need to include