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    Just bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50's, Worth it?

    The e17 is very nice unit, clean small and adjustable.  I like the M50 for all round dance, hip hop and house. Just test out the amps in your price range and as i always say " if you cant hear the difference don't spend the money"    happy listening. 
  2. Ds79

    Completely new to audiophile world

    You would enjoy the burson. Very clean with a nice warmth to it. Good luck
  3. Ds79

    Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors: The *Custom* Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Makes me want one. just need to find someone else's arm and leg to give up. 
  4. Ds79

    Audio-GD Dacs / headphone amps

    Hi,    I have the Audio gd NFB-5.  Now I always says that this is my opinion so here goes.    if you are after something that lets you listen to music the way it was recorded then you will be fine. As far a bang for buck they are great.    but if your looking for the most amazing...
  5. Ds79

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

      Babyface MTV unplugged NYC1997
  6. Ds79

    **Best amp/dac for $400**

    Quote: With the Bifrost and the Valhalla, I found that even though it was warm and full in the sound. when it came to the sound more so in the mids and highs, the sound blended and you lost the little bits of detail that I personally love. Having now listened to what I think is a crazy...
  7. Ds79

    You know you're an audiophile when...

    Your wearing headphones, but no pants.
  8. Ds79

    **Best amp/dac for $400**

    I had that combo in mind till i went and listened to it.  take your stuff and go into store it pays to hear it all together, you might end up somewhere else.    good luck i just went through it. 
  9. Ds79

    The Schiit SACD/DSD Research Thread--Your Chance to Win a Bifrost!

    1. Are you familiar with SACD? DSD? Scary but I remember the release of it 2. Do you own any SACDs?  Yes 3. If so, what percentage of your collection is SACD vs CD or files? 2% sacd 98% cd and flies slowly re ripping the collection to flac. 4. Is SACD/DSD decoding an important consideration...
  10. Ds79

    FREE GIVEAWAY: Sound Magic E30 [read rules inside]

    Sign me up, I am new to this and have no good iem's. I would love the chance to own this.
  11. Ds79

    Recommendations for USB DAC for laptop?

    Try the Fiio e17, for the price sub $150 you will find it gets the job done with out imposing its stamp on the track.  small, looks good, works, inbuilt battery.   
  12. Ds79

    Australian Headphone Retailers and Reputations [LISTING]

    The Guys at A2A are great not pushy with great advice.  Its nice to deal with a shop thats not jamming their ideals onto you.  The let you have the time to listen and see what you like,  I went back twice and tried 18 different headphones before I bought.      great job. 
  13. Ds79

    Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones

    A friend was informing me of how good his beats sounded, till i hooked them up to my portable rig.  The funniest part was watching his jaw hit the ground.  A great saying is that education is best leaned through experience. 
  14. Ds79

    Headphones + dac/amp help please

    Might be worth looking at an audio gd nfb-5. Well worth the money. I personally started with a set of sennheiser hd 25 and a fiio e17 and e9 desktop. I love the sound of the bt880 and have now bought both the DT 880 and the hd 650.
  15. Ds79

    Review by 'Ds79' on item 'FiiO E17'

    What can I say, I started my headphone audio journey with an E7+E9 combo. Now let me add that I have been into audio for a long time mostly cars and home. Butter amps and focal speakers, so we aren't talking beginner here. I do know what I like the sound of, and understand that audio is very...