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    B&H Photo has Shure SE535LTD (Limited Red) Edition for $199. (Link to Shure SE535LTD)
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    Feedback by 'go_vtec' on listing 'Silver Dragon Headphones Cable'

    An A+++ & honest seller with lightening fast shipping! Will deal with him anytime!
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    Upgrading from Sony MDR-XB950n1. General Input / Recommendations Sought.

    I have both XB-950n1 and XM3, and I think WH-1000XM3 is substantially better in noise canceling capabilities and sound quality. XM3 has substantially less boomy bass and has clearer midrange/high over XB-950n1. I think the comfort level of XM3 was marginally better than XB-950n1 and both offer...
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    Sound balance on headphones

    Are you feeling it or are you sure of it? If you are sure of it, then why not just get it replaced under the warranty to make sure you will have a good left/right channel balanced headphones without worrying about it?
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    Are there any really good single ended headphones?

    You are right in certain regards, where in the old days, most headphones came with non-detachable single ended cables. In more recent years, say within last decade, most of headphones do come with reasonably easy to detach replaceable headphone cables. Some highend Focal and Sennheiser models...
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    Are there any really good single ended headphones?

    I think you are still getting confused on the cables vs. headphones. As I explained, all highend and/or best headphones (your definition may very, but I assume best headphones are mostly very expensive top flagship models) available with the "default" SE cables from the factory, thus all best...
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    Really need some DAC help.

    ZMF Aeolus has a bit of bump around 1Khz ( and perhaps, you can reduce it little bit with the equalizer to see if that helps.
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    Really need some DAC help.

    Have you tried to use an equalizer function on RME to reduce the hotness? You can also experiment with which frequency range is bothering you by playing with the mid range to boost and reduce. A properly functioning DAC shouldn't boost a particular frequency and ARES II is claimed to be...
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    Really need some DAC help.

    Not sure what you mean by "glare." Can you elaborate more?
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    Are there any really good single ended headphones?

    No, most of headphones, even the higher end headphones are available with the SE. For example, Audeze LCD-4 comes with the factory silver coated SE cable. Some headphones, you get both from the factory, like Focal Utopia/Clear, and for some you can choose either balanced or single ended...
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    Looking for middle ground between HD660s and Focal Clear Mg

    I think most of folks here will agree that there is no such thing as a perfect pair of the headphones regardless of the cost. Also no one here can tell you that you will be 100% happy with any of these headphones. One thing which is certain would be that there is no sure thing in life...
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    Sound balance on headphones

    First, make sure you are really hearing imbalance. Rotate your headphones so that the left cup is on your right ear and right cup is on your left ear. Do you now hear imbalance on the opposite side (rightside) on multiple songs? If so, you could really have an unbalance issue. This can be...
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    Taking it to the next level

    It sounds like you already have two very good highend headphones and trying to get to the next level with a substantial investment. LCD-X is fairly capable, but there are few higher models along the Audeze lines that can easily beat LCD-X. MX-4 offers more control and refinement, or LCD-4 or...
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    Help needed for DAC + Amplifier to pair Sennheiser HD 800

    Not a problem. If you have been listening HD800 directly off from PC or with some adaptor, Asgard will be a substantial upgrade. HDVD800 will let you hear the headphones via a balanced output, but if you are not too finicky about sound quality and additional features, Asgard will serve you...
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    Help needed for DAC + Amplifier to pair Sennheiser HD 800

    Schiit Asgard will work well with your HD800 out of your PC with the AK4490 DAC. It has sufficient power to drive HD800 and it will be lot more cost efficient solution for a good sound quality. Unless you have a brand name royalty to Sennheiser or really have your heart set on HDVD800, you can...
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    Where is the fault in my gear?

    IMHO, I'm not sure if buying more expensive or higher end amp will solve the problem. I've tried the Youtube track you mentioned and I do agree that it does get progressively louder, but I didn't think the lower level (near the beginning) is that soft that the loudest part should hurt your ears...
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    Is there anything amazing sounding about the Audeze MX4?

    Sorry, I didn't include Focal Utopia and Stax SR009, SR009S since they cost $3990, $3825, $4325, respectively new. I was only quoting few examples at around $3K new or below to encourage further conversations. Utopia is easily one of the most detailed headphones at $4K range, where it...
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    Is there anything amazing sounding about the Audeze MX4?

    I'm trying to get the point across the OP that if the amazing sounding (based on the title) is only details, I am trying to say that there are more options than MX4 around $3K or even at lower costs. Also there are many aspects of details to continue on some interesting conversations on this...
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    Is there anything amazing sounding about the Audeze MX4?

    A correction and the answer. Yes, MX4 is one of the most detailed headphones around/under $3K! You may want to bound your question to really define what do you mean by detailed. For some detail means midrange/treble details, and for some others, it means instrumentation separation. For your...
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    RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

    This is also for @skhan007. As a disclaimer, not everyone in the forum shares same views for DACs and AMPs. Most of folks believe having a good DAC is important and some put even greater emphasis on an amp is more important than the DAC. There are also groups of folks who believe & argue that...
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    Earphones for noisy environments? Possibly Wireless?

    Problem solved! Get what you want for a pretty decent price from Amazon assuming you are located in US. Amazon link for Shure SE215 with a wireles Bluetooth cable for $59
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    Smartphone to DAC

    All digital music sources need Digital to Analog Converters (DAC)s and amplifiers to play music through speakers or headphones (including in ear monitors). These DACs can be integrated within the headphones (either located within the USB-C connector or could be located in the headphone...
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    Looking for a DAC and AMP for HD800s/HD 8XX under 2000$

    I'm not sure what you mean by doesn't seem to fit well. Are you talking about the amp section of RME?
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    No doubt LCD-4, but XC is no slouch.