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  1. stasher1

    CMoyBB 2.03 Cutting Out

    I had a similar issue with a v2.02, but I "fixed" mine with a 1" velcro square on the battery and a corresponding piece in the bottom of the case. Once the battery is immobilized, there's little to no stress on the leads, and the problem goes away. I'll probably pop the PCB out eventually and...
  2. stasher1

    Cmoy Showdown-- Cast your vote!

    I came across these pics while I researching my cmoy purchase, and they played a large part in my decision to buy a JDS cmoybb. JDS internals... BSG internals... One definitely looks much cleaner and more professional than the other.
  3. stasher1

    Any Alternatives to the PA2V2?

    The PA2V2's price is quite reasonable, imho. You're talking about a hand-built amp, built with decent quality parts, and warranteed for life. I'd suggest keeping an eye on the 'for sale' forums. There's usually at least one for sale at any given time, and they seem to run about $40 shipped...
  4. stasher1

    Spare Part Storage, Cataloguing and Organisation

    Check the fishing dept. of your local Wal-Mart for Plano storage boxes. They come in tons of sizes, with or without removeable/adjustable dividers.
  5. stasher1

    Cmoy Bass Boost

    I know this is the DIY forum and all, but it still seems like it would be much faster/easier/neater to use a JDS PCB.
  6. stasher1

    cMoy Problems

    Just out of curiousity, do you happen to remember the builder's ebay ID? There are so many people on Ebay selling CMoys, but very few of them show an internal shot of their amps...and I don't think any of them show the bottom of the board.
  7. stasher1

    cMoy Problems

    Actually joshatdot's PCBs are rather restrictive when it comes to caps and jacks, and it's doubtful that anything but the opamp and resistors from the OP's cmoy would be compatible. I'd just buy a new PCB from joshatdot or JDS and start over completely.
  8. stasher1

    Altec Lansing UHP336 Snugfit In-ear Earphone

    I've never heard the UE version, but from what I've read the UHP336 are slightly bassier. I use mine for about 3 hrs a day, every day, and while they do a pretty good job on rock, alt. rock, and metal, they're a little too light on the bass for rap/hiphop. They respond well to amping, as...
  9. stasher1

    AMP size of sansa fuze for pk1s, um2s

    I've never tried the T4, but I do own its predecessor the T2, and it's a noticeable improvement over the Fiio E5 and is leaps and bounds ahead of the Fuze's internal amp. Excuse the extremely crappy cell phone pic showing the size of the T2 in comparison to the Fuze...
  10. stasher1

    My first CMoy is a success. Next project?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rinoue don't mean to hijack your thread here but, to make a Cmoy can someone that has absolutely no experience with DIY or soldering make it? If you're looking for the easiest CMoy to build, I'd suggest ordering a joshatdot PCB...
  11. stasher1

    DIY recomendations? (iPods+Soldering Iron)

    I use one like THIS with the built-in LEDs and a slightly smaller one without the LEDs for less intricate work.
  12. stasher1

    DIY recomendations? (iPods+Soldering Iron)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nausicaa Ah I understand, but I have a Weller SP23L, and I blame it for ruining my cmoybb when I was trying to solder it. (warning huge picture) Would you recommend purchasing helping hands? IMO, that looks more like...
  13. stasher1

    Band Name Game!

    Quote: Originally Posted by DLeeWebb Thompson Twins Slapshot
  14. stasher1

    bodily fracture to my 14yr old Panasonic PCDP

    I'm trying to figure out how an alligator could drive a 79 Cadillac...
  15. stasher1

    iBasso dealers

    Quote: Originally Posted by KONAKONA I'm much younger and take that approach to things. Anyway, I'd still order it online. See if you can find a place near you that sells visa gift cards or something of the sort (One of the malls near me sells em, I use em for all my online...
  16. stasher1

    No more Hohodiy sniff sniff

    Aww man, I just registered on 6/18 and haven't even had a chance to order anything.
  17. stasher1

    Cmoy makes sound worse

    No big deal. I'm constantly searching this forum for info, too. Who knows, your post may help someone else in 2012.
  18. stasher1

    Cmoy makes sound worse

    I would imagine the OP has managed to solve his problem in the three years that have passed since he started this thread.
  19. stasher1

    Perfect round holes through metal, How?

    Uni-bits would probably work, but I'd use a piloted counterbore on aluminum. Once the pilot hole has been drilled, the counterbore can't "walk" and the perpendicularity of the drill becomes less important.
  20. stasher1

    How does a cheap cmoy amd compare to the Fiio E3?

    Quote: Originally Posted by majurglery a cmoy IMO will beat a Fiio in all possible ways, except maybe price and size. I've got an E5, PA2V2, Headroom Total Airhead, JDS (AKA jseaber - three3three3 - blackinches) CMoyBB, and an iBasso T2, and IMHO the E5 can't compete with any...
  21. stasher1

    Headphones for running?

    I wear Sennheiser PMX-70 when I workout. They're fairly sweatproof and will definitely not fall off or move around once you put them on. Since they're not IEM's, microphonics are not an issue and you can run/jump/lift weights etc. without yanking them out of your ears. Isolation isn't very good...
  22. stasher1

    Finally bought an amp, what else do I need?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ronald Lee i would recommend you to upgrade your current earphone? maybe to a UM 1 to pair up with your current rig. Why should he upgrade his 'phones? The Altec Lansing UHP336 is rebadged Super.Fi 3, and sounds very good for the price. Hell, they'd...
  23. stasher1

    < $30 Amp for my Laptop! Please help!!

    I think if you can stretch you budget to $50, and don't mind buying used, you can probably find more suitable budget amps in the FS section.
  24. stasher1

    FiiO E5 amp (E3 upgraded)

    How about $18 shipped to your door? This is the dealer I bought mine from. I paid $15.10 shipped/insured and had it in about a week. They've apparently had a price increase since then.
  25. stasher1

    pa2v2 or cmoy or mini3

    If you've got $100 to play with, why are you looking at one of the cheapest prebuilt cmoys? I'm sure 'juice2214' has plenty of satisfied customers, but from what I've read, 'biosciencegeek' and 'three3three3' (JDS Labs) offer nicer units for a little more money. Having seen pics of all three...