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  1. codyghind

    Earbuds Round-Up

    Indeed! Though it looks somewhat fragile - yanking the cable seems to apply stress directly into the driver...
  2. codyghind

    Reply to review by 'codyghind' on item 'Simgot EA1000 "Fermat" In-Ear Monitor'

    @baskingshark Nice write-up! Since you recently also reviewed the BQEYZ Wind, which of the two do you prefer (since they both sit around the same price bracket)?
  3. codyghind

    if you only had one headphone to live with the rest of your life, which would it be? from what you currently have

    KOSS KPH40 with EQ. Sounds good enough with everything and has all-day comfort.
  4. codyghind

    The discovery thread!

    Uhmm, KZ Krila seems to cost $16. No rivals under $1000? For $16? :thinking:
  5. codyghind

    HiBy R6 III (Gen 3) Android digital audio player, Dual ES9038Q2M, Class A / AB amplification switch, Snapdragon 665, Open Android 12 OS, DSD512 / PCM768

    Dang :slight_frown: How could a leather case have caused that? Are there any metal parts/padding on the inside of the case? Such a shame.
  6. codyghind

    The Tail of Music – Impression of Various Type-C Adapters: Apple Type-C and DD TC35B added [July 1st, 2020]

    Anyone having experience with the Hilidac Audirect Atom Mini? I can't seem to find much information about this dongle online.
  7. codyghind

    Best iem bluetooth adapter

    As an AZ09 Pro owner, I have no complaints considering the asking price. Sound quality is fine, driving power is sufficient for all my IEMs (no planar tested), app is not available for this device. It just works.
  8. codyghind

    aptX Adaptive / aptX Lossless USB Transmitters

    Thanks for the confirmation, and the nice workaround idea!
  9. codyghind

    aptX Adaptive / aptX Lossless USB Transmitters

    I just changed laptops so I have to ask: Is there a MacOS version of "Dongle Assistant", or is it Windows only? I have the older K8 version of the dongle, and of course it cannot connect to any of my TWS devices without the app. So, I guess if there isn't any MacOS version available, the dongle...
  10. codyghind

    Earbuds Round-Up

    Well said, I totally agree. That's why I thought I should ask here first for actual/meaningful feedback, instead of relying on this fishy FR. On the other hand, creating such unscientific FRs in the first place is good enough reason to be called out for.
  11. codyghind

    Earbuds Round-Up

    Hey y'all, Anyone tried the new-ish TRN EMA yet? I think @koniotaur mentioned it recently, any feedback on its performance so far?
  12. codyghind

    TRI earphone impressions - I4 and I3, Starlight, NEW Starsea

    This. But I guess "gut feeling" pushes more pricey cable sales than (boooring) scientific evidence.
  13. codyghind

    TRI earphone impressions - I4 and I3, Starlight, NEW Starsea

    Thanks for chipping in! From what I gather, best bet is to stick with TRI offerings in this price range. There's also Moondrop Kato and Tanchjim Hana 2021 in the picture, but being single DDs I have some doubts on the technicalities department (esp. soundstage).
  14. codyghind

    TRI earphone impressions - I4 and I3, Starlight, NEW Starsea

    Have you heard any other candidates in the $100-150 region you could compare Starsea and I3 Pro to? I'm on the lookout for a new IEM in this price range, and trying to gather as much information as I can before making a purchase. Thanks in advance! Edit: I think my personal priorities are a...
  15. codyghind

    Official 11.11 Singles Day AliExpress sale thread for 2023

    They are great. I got a pair about a year ago, but I mixed up the pin connectors (I needed MMCX instead of 2-pin) and it's sitting unused in its box. It's for sale btw.