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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'Kinera Freya 2.0'

    Kinera is one of the longstanding players in the IEM industry. While I'm familiar with products from Kinera’s sister brands Queen of Audio and Celest, Freya 2.0 marks the first time I've spent an extended period of time with a Kinera IEM. There is a lot to discuss about these $269 IEMs, so let’s...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'Simgot EA1000 "Fermat" In-Ear Monitor'

    EA1000 has been one of the IEMs that I have been very curious to try since its release. Although the initial hype already died out, it doesn’t mean that it’s not relevant anymore. In fact, any newly released single DD that is around 200 USD is put against EA1000. Good gear is eternal after all...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'TRN CS4'

    TRN is mostly known for their budget offerings and CS4 is one of them. Until these were offered to be sent to me, I wasn’t even aware that they existed. So here I am letting you know that these exist. This barebones set of IEMs starts from 9.90 USD. If you want a cable with a microphone you...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'HiBy R6pro II'

    R6 Pro II is, as the name implies, the second iteration of the improved Pro version of the R6 line of Digital Audio Players from Hiby. Although I have known and followed Hiby as a company, R6 Pro II is the first of their products I have actually used. Retailing at 749 USD, this DAP has some...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'HiFiMAN RE-400'

    Hifiman is mostly known for their open-back planar magnetic headphones and I myself own 3 pairs. As you may already know, almost all of their headphone offerings have become benchmarks in their respective price ranges. Other than headphones, they make IEMs, digital to analog converters...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'Simgot EA500 LM'

    EA500LM is Simgot's latest release at the date of this review. Just by the name, it promises to continue the legacy of the now legendary EA500. LM name comes from the materials used in the drivers which are Lithium and Magnesium, so it doesn’t stand for “Limited”. Apart from the tuning, the...
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    Apple Music HiFi

    Hello all, It looks like Apple Music app on Microsoft store is out now (no more preview) I'm planning to switch to Apple Music after my subscription on Qobuz ends. Can anyone check if they have enabled exclusive mode in the new app?
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'Kinera Celest Plutus Beast'

    Celest has been on a roll with one successful release after another. For those who don’t know, Celest is Kinera’s sister brand that targets the more budget conscious audience. The most expensive Celest product so far was Phoenix Call which is sold for 129 USD. Plutus beast is the second priciest...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'HIFIMAN HE400se'

    Hifiman needs no introduction as they make some of the best headphones in every price category. I have owned several Hifiman headphones and reviewed a couple of them before. In general, they all impressed me and became my benchmarks. HE400se is Hifiman’s entry level planar magnetic headphones...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'ARTTI T10'

    Evaluating Artti T10 was rather easy for me. Because I’m pretty familiar with the planar sound, especially on the IEMs that came after 7Hz Timeless. But before spoiling the review too much, I should introduce T10. Artti T10 is the first IEM Artti has released. Before T10, I reviewed their R1...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'TRN Conch'

    TRN is one of the Chinese IEM makers that are better known for their budget offerings. They haven’t released a noticeable product for a while and seemed to have been left behind by their competition as other companies also released some bangers in their territory. But then they dropped Conch...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'Simgot EM6-L'

    Simgot’s single DD IEMs got countless praises but when they released a 1+4 hybrid, everyone was curious to see how they would perform, myself included. Not only that, with their 109 USD price, they would be one of the cheaper 1+4 hybrids out there. There is no need to raise the hype here since...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'ARTTI R1'

    Artti is a relatively new brand and R1 is their second IEM in the market. They are priced at 79 USD but can usually be bought for cheaper through their Aliexpress store. Although newly established, some things might look very familiar because they are manufactured by LetShuoer, at least that’s...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'MOONDROP MAY'

    Moondrop is one of the bigger players in the IEM market and May is their projection to the future in my opinion with the removable DSP cable and endless possibilities. With the 65 USD asking price, let’s see if Moondrop delivers on these promises. Disclaimers Moondrop May was provided to me by...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'SONY IER-Z1R'

    Sony needs no introduction. Being an electronics giant, they have some consumer level audio products, but also they are audio professionals with record labels, studios and such, they make some of the best pro and enthusiast level audio products. IER-Z1R is one such product in their line. When...
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    Impressions | aune AR5000 Full-Size Open Headphones with MLD Driver

    I only saw one measurement and it looked promising. Would be great to see more reviews. I can also review them if you consider me :relaxed:
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    They 20 usd more expensive each
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    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum - By Alex Cavalli

    I'd have this combo if they didn't cancel my order when they did :( love my hp3. I know they don't sound neutral or correct but they are the headphones I feel the most connected to my music.
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'Simgot EW200'

    Simgot had a great year. They obtained great success with their single DD EA500 and released hit after hit since then. One of those hits is EW200 Maze. I had my eye on a pair ever since their release and when Simgot reached out to me, I especially asked them for one to see what’s the fuss about...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'Binary X Gizaudio - Chopin'

    Chopin is Timmy Vangtan a.k.a. Gizaudio’s second collaboration with an IEM manufacturer to create a product that would suit his listening preferences as well as market trends. He is a pretty well known and liked individual by the community. Binary on the other hand, is the dark horse in this...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'Kinera Celest Wyvern Pro 10mm LCP dynamic driver'

    Kinera’s Celest branch has arguably the most successful line of products among all of the Kinera brands in my personal opinion. For those who don’t know, Celest aims at younger audio enthusiasts and releases budget conscious no frills products unlike Kinera or QoA which also pays great attention...
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    That price is pretty much constant at this point.
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'HIDIZS MS3'

    Hidizs is one of the better established audio companies from China. Their DAPs, portable DACs and amplifiers are highly popular. They also had several IEMs earlier, which unfortunately I have never tried but, lately they have been storming the market with release after release. Hidizs MS3 has...
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    Review by 'Jarlaxle' on item 'EPZ Q5'

    EPZ Q5 is the brand's newest IEM that is aimed at the budget market. As far as I know it is only sold on Aliexpress and the price is not constant. However for convenience’s sake I will say it is a 50 usd IEM which is very competitive. EPZ is not a new brand but it looks like they are getting...