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    Reply to review by 'etlouis' on item 'Moondrop Blessing 3'

    Crinacle has a comparison tool for iems. You can tune it to your favorite iem reference.
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    Can the AirPod Pro 2’s be taken seriously?

    I'd say around 500 around SA6 or maybe U4T U6T. I use the Onkyo player app and have paid for the DSD upsampling. This puts most low cost builds to shame and may even obsolete them. It also might be the most detailed sounding single dynamic driver I've heard thus far. The ANC, wireless, Siri...
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    The blessing has returned and it's only getting better: blessing 3 is up to the game

    Here's my additional 2cents: - The cable is... quite good and compliments the B3. It is lighter and more portable and less microphonic. Previously it was pure copper and now it is some type of silver-plated copper. Apparently work was done to match the impedence exactly to the new Blessing 3...
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    Review by 'etlouis' on item 'Moondrop Blessing 3'

    Uncle Lu, who bought this with his own money, is back with another quickie. Might revisit this when I got more time, just the initial 20 minutes & thoughts for now. ### First impressions: The iem can now sit in the ears more comfortably. Resolution is a clear step up (*from dusk), and the...
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    Reply to review by 'etlouis' on item 'Mangird XENNS UP'

    A huge variety both in terms of file bitrate and music genre, I try to keep most in either 24bit FLAC or better. I have a decent collection of instrumental/classical (e.g. Unamas - VIVA! The four seasons, Jazz at the Pawn Shop...etc). Pop and just about any kind of it. Jpop, Kpop, CantoPop...
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    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Xinhs 4-core graphene I push mine a little further away. Wont slip off. Also not too close to the nozzle as it felt like they were sitting too deep in my ears. Btw, is that martini or the copper one?
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    7Hz Impressions & Discussion

    I personally found it better, but one can say that most iems benefit from better sources. My 7hz chirp along fine with my iphone dongle and wm1a as well. It’s just a logistic issue that I rarely lob my DAP around anymore.
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    Review by 'etlouis' on item 'Moondrop Kato new single dynamic driver IEm'

    Introduction The Kato is a one dynamic driver iem advertised as the new flagship of Moondrop and the successor to KXXS. During the pre-order phase, a K-cable is also included free of charge. Now the Kato promises a lot of improvements over previous models: New driver, nozzles, tips, and cables...
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    Tripowin x HBB: Mele/Olina - Discussion Thread - Olina OUT now

    IMO the Mele doesn't need too much power. You might even over-drive it with certain DAPs. It is driven fine even from my iphone and dongle. If you're using something android like LG V30, there's more than enough juice.
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    Dear Z1R owners, Just some advice seeking. Do you think it's worth buying Z1R years after its release? Or look around for second hand? Also is wm1a unmodded able to push the Z1R to any satisfactory level? Thanks!
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    Reply to review by 'etlouis' on item 'Tripowin x HBB Mele'

    @hevelaoak - It is quite clean by being tuned that way. I have Dusk as well... when Dusk is properly powered and is cable swapped, then it has an advantage over the Mele. Dusk has more details and separation overall, and its vocals favor female slightly. Actually there's no clear winner...
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    Reply to review by 'etlouis' on item 'Tripowin x HBB Mele'

    @Eduardiofilo - The treble is tuned safely here meaning that it isn't sibilant. Draw back is less details. However, I find that it simply diverts my attention to the bass and mid-bass region where a lot of male vocals and guitars are happening (especially with the Jelly cable, man I just love a...
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    The Watercooler -- Impressions, philosophical discussion and general banter. Index on first page. All welcome.

    I’ve had a cat who fake drinks water by licking metallic things such as doors and tables. Fed him on a wet food exclusive diet and it seemed to improve. I also mix a little boiled water with the canned food so its like a soupy mix. Its the only way I could get him to “drink”.
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    XENNS (previously known as Mangird) Impressions Thread

    Were they too large or too small for you? Mangird / Shuoers are more or less regular size nozzles. I am beginning to think that you didn't get a good seal so you're only hearing the trebles, thus explaining the sharpness you're hearing. If you have giant ear canals. Then consider Moondrop iems...
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    XENNS (previously known as Mangird) Impressions Thread

    The Teas are not bright in comparison to the TC-01, and much warmer than the Tripowin's v-shaped signature. but still return it within the time frame when you can. A cable isn't going to fix something that you didn't like in the beginning. I believe in cables but they aren't magic potions.
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    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    For drivers I think they use coating. For cables they seem to come in graphene strands, and often braided with silver for some reason. I wonder why they wouldn't make a pure graphene cable... would it snap easily like pencil lead? And why not braid it with copper? Questions questions. I think...
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    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Is that the XinHS 4 braid "graphene-infused silver"? And how much was it? I had Hakugei custom make a copper+silver graphene. Not the easiest to find synergy for. Seems to bring out mid-treble and mid-bass energy, like a V-shaped EQ. Sound stage gets smaller and extension reduced.
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    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    Grill looks quite nice, but why not vent with the apex modules? No need to fear dust or water. Also it's a 1DD+1BA configuration I thought it was going to be 1DD+1Planar?
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    Tripowin x HBB: Mele/Olina - Discussion Thread - Olina OUT now

    It's hard to say which one is superior when iems are in similar price bracket, and neither of them are obvious under-performers. It's more a game of tradeoffs and your own most-boxes-ticked situation.
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    Tripowin x HBB: Mele/Olina - Discussion Thread - Olina OUT now

    A lot of people are over-analyzing Aria and Mele as if there would be colossal differences between them. There isn't. We are oftentimes trying to emphasize differences for the sake of conversation. You're not losing out on getting one over the other. It's also a journey of self-discovery. You...
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    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Wires are snake oil. Next question gets worried about the wire quality. {facepalm} Patience people, patience. All will be revealed when you buy it and it's in your ears. Or wait for my review. :gs1000smile: --- From my guess, stock is always copper. Now they're slapping on the sound tubes...
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    [FiiO FD7/FDX] 12mm dynamic driver with its diaphragm using pure beryllium, with an outer-magnet field, up to 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux.

    Graph looks safe from treble sibilance. Inoffensive at least. How's the mids and bass though. Looks like a significant wide band 20hz-1k boost. Beryllium drivers are faster and can probably handle it. Has it caused any issues with bass bleed?
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    Tripowin x HBB: Mele/Olina - Discussion Thread - Olina OUT now

    Took Mele for a run at DSD256 albums. Amazingly composed in the midst of that drumming, hihat rolling, piano and saxophones. Speed is excellent. For a $50 iem... this is a steal. It has no right being this good.
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    Tripowin x HBB: Mele/Olina - Discussion Thread - Olina OUT now

    Nice breakdown. Can't go wrong with either of these. I'm curious about what you'd say about the Xenns Up. How's the variations? Do you find it sibilant?