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  1. davehutch

    SOLD: Grace Design/Massdrop m9xx

    Excellent condition, both original USB cables, original power supply and user manual included. Firmware version 2.4 (Nov '18) - NEW FEATURES: 1. Added Balance, Mono, L-R and 4 channel swap/mute/solo options. £325 plus postage
  2. davehutch

    For sale: Westone W30 IEMs

    **SOLD** A pair of Westone W30 IEMs. Perfect working order *(slight damage to outer casing of MFi cable, near left connector. Fully functional and a now repaired with liquid silicon) Supplied with original box and all accessories. A very 'neutral' sounding, comfortable IEM with interchangeable...
  3. davehutch

    Helpful examples of what to listen for in headphones?

    I was having a discussion over on the True-Fi thread about whether or not you could take a mid-fi headphone and by using EQ, turn it into a 'more expensive-sounding' headphone. I think we agree that tonality is one thing and can be adjusted by EQ to some extent. Some headphones react differently...
  4. davehutch

    Audeze LCD-2 (Shedua) with Lohb strap. Mnfr. Feb 2017

    Purchased early in April so less than 4 months occasional use. Perfect condition. Flat ¼" cable, booklets and Audeze adaptor (i.e. everything that came in the box originally). I'm also including my Lohb strap for added comfort (It really works well!) Will post within Europe (additional cost)
  5. davehutch

    What should I set my output sample rate to if my audio has various rates? (Mac)

    So, I have various files ranging from 11.025KHz to 172.4KHz (mostly 44.1KHz 16-bit AAC) so should I set my output rate to the highest my DAC can take, using the Utilities...Midi app, or is there any SQ benefit to setting the output each time to match the file? I realise I could have a good sit...
  6. davehutch

    Advice on a potential upgrade please

    I currently use Westone W30 IEMs for commuting (iPhone 7) and I have a pair of NAD HP50s for home use. I love the W30s!   However, I chose the NADs in an Apple store in not-ideal circumstances and, although I do enjoy them, I find them a bit too uncomfortable, by which I mean the earpads are...
  7. davehutch

    Looking for an upgrade to my Klipsch x10s...50th birthday present?

    Hi everyone, my big day approacheth and, as the strain relief rubber on my Klipsch X10s is starting to split, I thought I ought to start planning a replacement set as a treat to myself. I've tried Shure 535s and found them to be a bit too coloured and warm sounding for my liking. I love the...
  8. davehutch

    After reconnecting a u-DAC-2 to my Mac, distortion happens for a few seconds after a keyboard press

    Does anybody else have this issue? I had a very extensive and helpful reply from NuForce but it pointed towards maybe a IRQ issue or perhaps not enough RAM etc. My MBP has 8GB of RAM and I had just finished rebuilding my Mac onto a brand new hard drive. I was only running iTunes when I...
  9. davehutch Word of warning

    I ordered a pair of Klipsch X10s on Sunday and the money was debited from my acount by WorldPay. On Monday at 4pm I was informed by B4UDirect that the item was actually our of stock and would I like anything else from their website?! Their site STILL shows the item as In Stock, but I've been...
  10. davehutch ...any experience?

    Placed an order with them as the Pixmania stock had run out. Their website still says In Stock, but they told me 2 days agao they're actually out of stock. Are they legit?
  11. davehutch

    What full-scale hi-fi do you listen to?

    I was only wondering as it's important to know that anybody commenting on "wide, precise soundstage", "fast, accurate bass", "silky mid-range" etc. has heard this over a full scale system as well. I have Martin Logan electrostatics, a Chord SPM1200B power amp and a Meridian transport/Pink...
  12. davehutch

    Please advise on "upgrade" from Shure E4c for iPhone

    I would like the convenience of being able to answer calls and control music but don't want to sacrifice sound quality any lower than my current E4c. Can anybody comment on the following: ADDIEM, UE 5vi, Klipsch image s4i, *UE 10 Pro vi, *Shure SE530 *(the last two...
  13. davehutch

    Online supplier...opinions?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my E4c to the E530 and will have a listen to a friend's pair this w/e. I wondered if anybody had experience of this supplier, who has just reduced the price by another £10: Cdiscount UK