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  1. debitsohn

    Same Old Schiit? Balanced Research and Valhalla Amp Giveaway

    Quote: I have had most of my headphones balanced but right now do not own any headphones at all.  im hoping to build my system around the valhalla if i win but eventually will go balanced when finances allow.  As for HO, I would greatly prefer a 4 pin xlr and SE options.  The quality of...
  2. debitsohn

    Shure SRH 940 impression and support thread

    Quote:   in the age of twitter, internet forums, social networks, and other means of saying stupid things, i wish people would consider things before saying/typing stupid things.  first of all, what the F is pfff? second of all, people mod/DIY things all the time (cables, dynamat...
  3. debitsohn

    Premium AMB M3 amp with Sigma PSU - you wont be disappointed.

    With an extremely heavy heart, i find myself having to list this for sale.   A creation.  Custom faceplate, upgraded heatsinks, premium wiring throughout. single chassis.  think the measurements are about 12x12x4. will come with AD8610 opamps that have great clarity and...
  4. debitsohn

    For Sale: Mint AMB gamma2 (y2) DAC made by MisterX of course

    how is this still available at this price? there is no better DAC for < $290. 
  5. debitsohn

    Wanted: Grado HF2. A or B stock.

    Next on my list of headphones I would like to try out!  Please pm if you would like to sell yours! thanks!
  6. debitsohn

    Head-Direct (Nankai)

    guess they pick and choose.  thats even better customer service... nice. 
  7. debitsohn

    Head-Direct (Nankai)

    Quote: again, their higher priced items whtere their profit margin are probably high.  anything like a HM601 and down it seems their CS blows cuz they dont give a crap.  i really, really wanted the HE500 and maybe evne their EF6, but im not going to buy them.  for doing it the right way...
  8. debitsohn

    Whiplash TWag v2 cable for Audeze LCD-2

    pm responded to and extra pictures sent. let me know if you got htem. 
  9. debitsohn

    Whiplash TWag v2 cable for Audeze LCD-2

    Quote: its about 7ft. since ig ot it balanced its shorter than 8ft then i got an adapter.
  10. debitsohn

    Whiplash TWag v2 cable for Audeze LCD-2

    Quote: i think its 8 feet but ill confirm with craig.  
  11. debitsohn

    Head-Direct (Nankai)

    Quote: i suspect in items where the profit margin is high, they offer better service... or maybe for products over 500$? 
  12. debitsohn

    Head-Direct (Nankai)

    Quote: so you ship 1 item per shipment from china... restocking fee? the player had an issue with buzzing. you still sold it. you then told me, the issue had been fixed in the newer ones.  why would i be charged a restocking fee if the product is defective?
  13. debitsohn

    HE-500 Loaner Program

    Quote: nope. i think there are 2 US sets and both are in the east right now since they have a lot more reviewers.  
  14. debitsohn

    Head-Direct (Nankai)

    wow didnt know this was here.  heres my experience:   I purchased a HM601 to use with my JH16s.  The buzzing/noises in the background were so bad (worse when the LCD screen was on) I asked for a refund the next day.  it had been used maybe 2 minutes total.  they agreed and i shipped it back...
  15. debitsohn

    Sibling Rivalry; The Woo WA2 vs The Woo WA6SE (review posted: update 6-3-2011)

    Quote: lol what are you talking about! i love my pink phillies avatar! lol to be honest, it wasnt fair.  ted lilly vs cliff lee... but its all in good fun!!
  16. debitsohn

    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

    id rather buy used but not refurb from the FS forum especially if its not that old.  if the player is like a year old, then id think otherwise.
  17. debitsohn

    Whiplash TWag v2 cable for Audeze LCD-2

    reduced to 265.  need to sell asap!
  18. debitsohn

    Whiplash TWag v2 cable for Audeze LCD-2

    For sale is a TWag v2 cable thats about a month old.   I had to part with my LCd-2 and so this has to go to.  its in mint condition and happens to be terminated to a 4 pin xlr for balanced systems.  you can also get an adapter made fairly cheap from whiplash for a single ended amps.  if i had to...
  19. debitsohn

    FiiO E11 & E11K & A3 Information + Support

    wonder if this will hiss with JH16s. anyone?