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    Music Game IX

      "My life" - Billy Joel
  2. fabio-fi

    Band Name Game II

      Naked Eyes
  3. fabio-fi

    Burson Conductor - DAC/amp successor to the HA-160D

    Some aussie forum also revealed that they have upgraded their stepped attenuator: 100 steps. Not bad. 
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    Cheap Dac/amp for hifi 400

    The most usual recommendations are the Schiit stack (Magni/modi) and the JDS labs combo. 
  5. fabio-fi

    Best DAC/Amp to replace Fiio-E10?

    Get the Magni/Modi if you have plans to upgrade headphones. Purpleangel idea is good. 
  6. fabio-fi

    Best bass cans under 400.

    The PRO 900 have quality bass and quantity, but you need a quality source if you want to get the most out of them. The JVC's are more bass emphasized. 
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    Band Name Game II

      Silent circle
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Godzilla 5/10 Not what i expected, pretty boring most of the time.  
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    Band Name Game II

      New kids on the block
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    Music Game IX

      "Don't dream it's over" - Crowded house
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    HD 598 Upgrade

    The Shure SRH1840 come to mind but they are $500 in the US. It leaves no budget for additional audio gear :\
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    New to the audiophile world, looking to learn more and develop collection over time.

    For a few extra bucks, you can also get the Schiit modi. One of the best for around $100
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    my first setup... which one though?!?! Vali vs O2

    They are pretty much on the same level of performance, with some aesthetic differences. Take a look here
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    Music Game IX

      "Midnight thoughts" - Dream on dreamer
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    Band Name Game II

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    What to get after ATH-M50x?

    I Preferred the Hifiman HE400 speed and bass slam over the Akg's...they have a more natural bass. 
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    Music Game IX

      "Cowboy" - Kid rock 
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    Band Name Game II

      Children of Bodom
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    Fairly portable headphones. Rock and metal

    Sennheiser amperior. They are fast headphones with a nice bass kick for metal and rock. 
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    Help! How do I post a new thread at Sound Science forum?

    Pretty much it's a security measure to prevent spam (i think)     Post normally on threads and join the discussions. You will be able to start a new topic soon. 
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    Goldmund Telos HDA

    I read the 6 moons review. Doesn't look bad. 
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    Chord Hugo

    I got the Chord Hugo this week (based on a fellow audiophile recommendation) to pair with my amp. I can say that out of the box, is a great unit! I'm hearing every micro detail on my music collection. 
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    Best tube amp for LCD-3

      Isn't the Liquid fire a discontinued amp? 
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    Band Name Game II