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  1. techniqu

    FS: Brand New Ipod shuffle 2nd gen 1gb

    BRAND NEW APPLE Ipod Shuffle 2nd gen. mp3 player - eBay (item 300279336110 end time Dec-14-08 20:30:00 PST) brand new never opened, won at a raffle at work. willing to take a direct offer if the ebay time hasn't reached >12 hours.
  2. techniqu

    FS:SHURE SE530, medium sleeves only

    Shure SE530 IEM portable mp3/ipod earphones - eBay (item 300279325920 end time Dec-14-08 20:30:00 PST) used for about four months or so. the rubber on the right earphone (under the bronze) is a little rubbed off due to overzealous cleaning, but it isn't visible at all when wearing. willing...
  3. techniqu

    audioengine s8 sub reviews?

    anyone have this or know where theres a review about this sub? i just got a pair of the A5, and i feel like i'm missing out on the bottom end.
  4. techniqu

    what is the current best consumer soundcard (not necessarily for sound creation)

    hey, just wondering about your opinions on the best best internal sound card for computers right now. I've heard the Asus Xonar and HT Omega sound cards are pretty good, but I'd like to know what you head-fier's consider to be the best consumer grade sound card.
  5. techniqu

    FS: Audio Technica A950 LTD

    Posted on ebay but also accepting direct "buy it now" if you will bids here. Just send me a pm. Limited Edition Audio Technica A950LTD Headphones - eBay (item 300220809521 end time May-04-08 20:36:45 PDT)
  6. techniqu

    DIY custom ear molds?

    I came across this site when trying to find what it would cost to have some impressions made for some livewires. I was wondering if anyone has tried something like this and if companies would even accept these types of impressions, as this seems to be less of a hassle than finding a local...