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  1. Bombyx

    Silicone eartips: try filling them with Blu-Tack

    My first IEMs were some cheap Skullcandy Ink'd. I was very pleased by their noise isolation, and considering their commonplace design (simple silicone eartips) I assumed that most cheap IEMs would isolate about the same. I was wrong. Since then, I have tried many other cheap IEMs, and none of...
  2. Bombyx

    Alpha Brainwavz IEMs, are they any good?

    These IEMs from MP4 Nation are very cheap, and they are not likely to be audiophile-grade, but I wonder if they may still have a good value. They got a positive review from a customer, but I would prefer a more enlightened opinion. I searched Head-Fi, but there is not a single thread...