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  1. aohk1997

    For sale: Europe exclusive astell & kern AK 70 mki

    First generation of Astell & Kern AK 70 digital audio player Europe exclusive color Authentic with proof of purchase Comes with the full set as well as 2 screen protectors Hardly used and always kept in the dignis pouch Minor nick in the bottom corner Perfect working condition Open to...
  2. aohk1997

    For sale: Campfire Audio Andromeda

    Up for sale are a pair of Campfire Audio Andromeda Includes: Campfire audio andromeda IEM Stock cable Campfire audio pin Earwax cleaner Will provide extra iem pouches from my pair of comets to make sure the IEMs are shipped safely without any knocking or damage Selling due to lack of usage...
  3. aohk1997

    Portable amp recommendation campfire audio jupiter

    Hi, currently using my s6 edge and campfire audio jupiter iem. Can anybody recommend me an amp pairing for the Jupiters? Thank you
  4. aohk1997

    WTS Unique Melody Miracle

    Not under warrenty anymore   used for 4 years   drivers still working in perfect condition as it has not been used much throughout the 4 years   will ship worldwide with tracking number from Singapore    reshelling costs 170 usd from so a total of 580 usd for a...
  5. aohk1997

    WTB Campfire Orion OR Nova OR Jupiter

    Looking to buy any of the above, in perfect condition plus full accessories included with it.   Shipping to Singapore   pm me for discussions :)
  6. aohk1997

    Best amp for UM miracles

    Hi, can anyone recommend be a really good amp that brings out everything in miracles? Im currently using tralucent t1. any other good amps from eg rsa, alo, vorzuge.etc? i do not want any hissing at all or too much background noise. Btw miracles impedance is 15.9 ohm, so hopefully the output of...
  7. aohk1997

    help, dilemma between stage93 spec or silver poison for um miracles

    cles hi guys, as the title says, I'm deciding between these 2 cables. Both have exceedingly impressive reviews but I don't know which is better. Anyone can give some advice? Thx! :)
  8. aohk1997

    Anyone can recommend suitable amps for UM miracle?? currently looking at tralucent T1

    Hey guys, anyone had expeirences with suitable amps for UM Miracle? im looking for a mainly neutral amp with some addition to bass. How does tralucent 1 fare? anybody knows?  thx :)