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  1. subguy812


    For sale is my Dita Dream XLS. Included are all original accessories and packaging. The serial number is unique and numbered 123. The Dynamic Driver is burned-in and ready to sell. Includes the Oslo cable and it's unique plug switching design and 4.4mm, 3.5mm and 2.5mm plugs. PM me for fast...
  2. subguy812

    *PRICE DROP*Effect Audio Vogue Series Grandioso

    For sale is the Effect Audio Vogue Series Grandioso. It has been treated kindly as you can see in the photos, very limited usage. I bought it for a specific IEM and sold that IEM. PM me. PP fees and shipping included CONUS only. Technical Specifications: 26 AWG Selected UP-OCC Pure Material...
  3. subguy812

    *sold*Arctic Cables 8-wire UPOCC High-End Cable for Focal

    I am selling my Arctic Cables UPOCC High-End Cable for Focal Clear, Elear, Elegia, Elex, Stellia It is 8-wire, length and terminated for 2.5mm. This is an upgrade to the stock Stellia cable, not only in sound but also the ergonomics. Arctic Cables certified and genuine UP-OCC...
  4. subguy812

    itsfit Fusion SOLD

    For sale is my almost new Fusion. I am selling this below Black Friday pricing. I actually received the unit January 8th, but that is an entirely different story. I am including a Pelican case because the original metal "pill box" has my name on it. Shipping to CONUS. PM me to seal the deal...
  5. subguy812

    SOLD Sony IER-Z1R *Mint* SOLD

    I am selling the popular IER-Z1R. It is in mint condition and as you can see everything that would come with a new one is included. I have to thin the herd, but I do love them and am sure I will miss them. The price includes the PP fee and shipping. I will only ship to CONUS. PM me with questions.
  6. subguy812

    Noble Khan V2 TOTL*SOLD*

    I am selling the Noble Khan, it is Noble's TOTL offering, listing new at $2400. It is MINT and everything in the photos is included. PP fees and shipping in the CONUS are included in the price. PM me!
  7. subguy812


    I am selling my Rhapsodio Golden cable. Silver-copper alloy of 20AWG of thickness It is a 2-pin, 2.5mm cable. All PP fees and shipping are included. CONUS only! PM please.
  8. subguy812

    DUNU Hulk *MINT* Barely Used SOLD

    I am selling the DUNU Hulk 2-pin cable. It is in mint condition and barely used, maybe 5 hours max. I have too many cables. Great connection system saves you from cable swapping, which save your sockets. All fees and shipping covered in price, shipping to CONUS only. No trades! PM
  9. subguy812

    Empire Ears Legend X - Like New *SOLD*

    For sale is my Legend X. The package is stock and you will receive everything you would if you were purchasing new. This is a premier TOTL hybrid and is in like new condition. Shipping and PayPal fees are included. I will ship only within the USA. PM with questions. Thank you
  10. subguy812

    *SOLD*Eros II 8-Wire Bespoke 2.5mm Balanced p-squared

    Eros II 8-Wire Bespoke 2.5mm Balanced p-squared for sale. PM for more info. S Shipping in USA and Paypal fees included. Will not ship outside of USA
  11. subguy812

    Opus#2 Mint

    I am parting with my Opus#2. I have loved this DAP but I have a couple of other financial needs that I need to clear up. It really was my benchmark to all of the DAP's in my collection. I am letting it go cheaply to move it quickly. I will pay for the shipping in USA and the PP fees. All...
  12. subguy812

    Andromeda *Like New Condition* SOLD

    I am selling the Andromeda and including all you see in the photos. All fees and shipping included. Will only ship in the US. PM me with questions.
  13. subguy812

    Ocharaku Flat 4 - Gen Ti Plus (Kuro Ti Plus)*SOLD*

    This is a very interesting IEM from Japan. It has duel Dynamic Drivers, facing each other. If you visit the company website you can find more information, just translate to English. I really enjoy the signature, I just want to sell this to contribute to another purchase. The bass is incredible...
  14. subguy812

    Massdrop HD6XX *MINT* SOLD

    I am selling my Massdrop HD6XX. It has been plugged in to see if it functioned and maybe 2 hours or less of usage on them. You can see the white outside sleeve has a slight tear on top where you open the package, but the black hinged box is pristine. I need help to pay for shipping and I will...
  15. subguy812

    Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Open - Mint *SOLD

    For sale are my Aeon Flow Open. The headphones are in mint condition and very lightly used. My preferences are more portable for on the go listening. No trades and price is firm. All stock items are included as well as the original box. You pay the PayPal fees and I pay the shipping. Only...
  16. subguy812

    Sold Universal Zeus XR

  17. subguy812

    SOLD MINT condition 64 Audio U18 Tzar SOLD

    For sale are my MINT condition U18. All original packaging. You do not see these often for sale on here. All PP fees and shipping included. Shipping only to CONUS.
  18. subguy812

    Rhapsodio RSD Golden mk3/not for sale

    Mint Condition! Far infrared 2-pin connectors and terminated for 2.5mm TRRS Silver plated silver copper alloys 120*0.08mm conductors Fees and shipping included to USA only.
  19. subguy812

    Zeus XR(new shell design)

    My review of the Zeus XR with a new shell design. More durable and a slimmer profile!
  20. subguy812

    Like New Condition Opus # 2 w/ 64gb micro sd(Taken Down)

    Selling my like new Opus #2 with a 64gb micro sd card included. Perfect working condition and upgraded with the latest firmware. Original box and all pack-ins. All fees and shipping included. No Trades. PM me with questions or offers!
  21. subguy812

    Sold Mint 64Audio U12 Adel w/extra modules Sold

    For sale is my MINT 64 Audio U12. All original box and accessories included. It will include the S1 module but as an extra I will include the B1 module which is the preferred Adel module in the 64 Audio thread. These have been babied and a re in MINT condition. All fees and shipping covered by...
  22. subguy812

    Sold MINT Meze 99 Classics Sold

    I am selling my MINT condition Meze 99 Classics. I love them I just need the cash to continue my reviews and purchasing new items. You cover the PP fees and shipping. PM me with questions or if you are interested in purchasing. .
  23. subguy812

    SOLD GREAT CONDITION Sennheiser M2 AEBT (Wireless) SOLD

     For sale are my great condition M2 Wireless. Included are original accessories and packaging. Everything is in perfect working order. It is a fantastic Bluetooth offering but also fuictions wired. PM me with questions. I will cover the shipping if you help me with the PP fees. PM me with...
  24. subguy812

    Subguy812 Review Hub

    Thank you for stopping by my review thread. I am glad to share my thoughts on some of the wonderful equipment I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Stop by often as the list is ever evolving and please feel free to leave comments. IEMs...
  25. subguy812

    Type 2 OCC Silver Litz w/PE insulation

    For sale is my 2-pin, type 2 OCC Silver Litz w/PE insulation, terminated for 2.5mm TRRS by FBI. It is an awesome cable. I had it for a month and the only reason I am selling it is I now have too many cables and too few IEM's to use them with. All fees included to ship within USA.