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    Wanted: Right side of Massdrop+

    The right side of my massdrop+ was constantly having issues with falling off the wire and unfortunately fell off as I was crossing a street, and was smashed into dust as soon as I realized. I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking to purchase only the right side of the Massdrop+. Thanks...
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    [WTS] Westone w60

    Comes with box/accessories works perfectly. These are an amazing pair of IEMs, but looking to fund another purchase. Price is firm...ish So I just realized one earbud is missing, and the carrying case is slightly damaged, specifically the air lock. The case locks just fine.
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    [WTB] Westone W60 or other TOTL IEMS

    Fairly used with accessories. Feel free to PM offers with TOTL IEMS.