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  1. bpm2000

    Budget DAC w/ optical?

    Hey yall been out of the game for a long time, not really sure what is on the market these days...  My DAC-AH just kicked the bucket (making all kinds of hissing/popping noises when connected) and I need a replacement DAC for my mac mini.     My path is Mac mini optical out --> DAC --> Little...
  2. bpm2000

    WTB: Sleek SA6 replacement cable IN SEATTLE

    Longshot probably, but my cable died and I need a new one before 12/30 if possible. Anyone got one they want to part with locally? No place will ship one before then it seems (everyone is est jan 4th). thx!!!
  3. bpm2000

    interchangeable cable IEMS

    Sorry if this has been beat to death, search string "interchangeable cable" and "removable cable" didn't come up with much, Other than the IE8, what other portables/IEMs allow for changing out cables? I have spent a lot of $$$ on earbuds, IEMS, and other portables over the years and they ALL...
  4. bpm2000

    DAC to receiver/headamp... switching solution?

    I tried to search but honestly was lost on what search string I should be using. Anyways, I am using a macbook optical out into my Lite DAC-AH. It only has one set of outputs which was originally going to my A35R receiver but now that I have a MKV I switched the cables to that. Is there some...
  5. bpm2000

    Anyone still using Cute Beyond or Travagan amps?

    I am looking for a budget solid state amp for my HD650. Don't care to mess w/ tubes and enjoy the accuracy of solid state over tubes anyways. Anyone know how a cute beyond stacks up vs a Travagan Red? Any longer-term impressions? thx
  6. bpm2000

    WTB: Senn HD600

    Getting back into the game - must be in good condition. Will not pay over $200 shipped. Lemme know if you have something. thx If you're looking for a snowboard or two for trade for some odd reason well I have some
  7. bpm2000

    FS: AKG K701 *SOLD*

    Have box/stand/etc, cans in mint condition (got them here in a trade). SOLD. shipped in CONUS. (firm) thx for looking feedback:
  8. bpm2000

    FS: iRiver S10 2GB black/black

    For sale: Used IRiver S10 2GB mp3 player. Has some scratches here and there from use, but works perfectly. $80 shipped. Or pick up in Seattle. thx!
  9. bpm2000

    10gb 2g ipod

    It turns on, powers up, recharges, and passed all the diagnostic mode tests. I cant get it to mount on my computer however, so I am getting rid of it. It looks, and is well used. The firewire port cover is missing. One corner of the acrylic is pushed in a bit. It would come with the...
  10. bpm2000

    Dac-Ah minimal modding to remove distortion

    I finally was able to hook up my stock Dac-AH for the first time and was floored by the distortion in any sort of loud/bassy passage. It is basically unlistenable in its current state. I have tried reading the modding threads but I'm afraid all the talk is over my head. Which mod is the one...
  11. bpm2000

    WTB: mini toslink adaptor

    OMG I cannot find this part anywhere without having to pay $2389478 in shipping for a $2 item! This is something they could mail for cents in a padded envelope... I ordered such an adaptor from MCM electronics but received the wrong part (well the right one actually but their picture was...
  12. bpm2000

    do you use an "uninstaller" for your mac?

    I was under the impression that you could just drag the apps into the trash and that was that but this seems to not be the case. What, if any, app are you using for the removal of programs and have you tried a few, and can offer some comparisons? I am trying to decide between getting a...
  13. bpm2000

    ARG - let itunes manage my files, how to fix?

    So I apparently let itunes manage and group my folders and now my nicely organized album folders are all @#$#ed up with itunes idea of fun. Is there a way to "revert back" to the way it was before itunes messed it up or am I doomed to slowly pick through the folders one by one and figure out...
  14. bpm2000

    essential mac software?

    So i finally got my macbook yesteday (white 2.0c2d/2g ram) and am in the process of moving my files over. I've dabbled around and downloaded some stuff already - wondering if there are essential pieces of software that you guys use? Ive install thus far: firefox adium soundsource Max...
  15. bpm2000

    PC-MAC file transfers

    So the new MacBooks are out (finally). I'm going to be getting one in the near future and I need to transfer some files from my PC to an external HD that I have. Here is the situation: I have 2 HDs in my PC, 120/40gb drives. They both have music, movies, pictures, etc that I want to put on...
  16. bpm2000

    Pioneer A-35r volume motor problem

    I recently got a used a-35r from ebay and everything works fine except for the volume knob. Or maybe the motor to it. I finally got some batteries to put in the remote and when I try to adjust the volume with the remote the motor makes noise but the knob doesnt physically turn. I can manually...
  17. bpm2000

    Apple software, HD implementation, general confusion and questions

    So I'm getting a new Macbook whenever it finally gets updated (fingers crossed for next week). As a lifelong Windows user, I am fairly confused about what is going to happen when I make this purchase. Certainly there are more specific forums to ask this question but I'm taking this slowly and...
  18. bpm2000

    WTB: Entech number cruncher 203

    If you got one that isn't messed up, and looking to upgrade to something else, I'm building a budget system and will take it off your hands. Looking to spend $30-40 shipped (seeing them go for around 45-60 on ebay). thx
  19. bpm2000

    Macbook - now or wait?

    So my PIII dell is dying and its time to get a new computer. I am pretty much set on the macbook as my next machine. The question is, do I wait for the revision or go for it now? 1)core2duo - is not having this gonna be a big deal when leopard comes out? I know it doesn't make too much real...
  20. bpm2000

    dac-ah DVD playback?

    Just a quick question about the DAC-AH saying "DAC-AH does not recognize PCM 2ch material from DVD". Does this mean if I have this DAC connected to, say, a laptop via optical and I'm playing a DVD, I will not get sound? thx
  21. bpm2000

    question about laptop/dac/integrated combo

    Hey all - I've been dinking around doing a little research and I've come up with this combo: Macbook optical out -->DAC-AH/Transit/etc..-->NAD C320BEE-->speakers/headphones. I am pretty tight on money so having the NAD integrated will be nice to drive both headphones and speakers - I...
  22. bpm2000

    WTB: NAD/Cambridge/etc 2ch integrated

    Looking for a budget 2ch integrated amp to drive some speakers/headphones - Let me know what you have. thx
  23. bpm2000

    laptop + speakers/heapdhone solution?

    So I think im pretty much gonna go with a macbook or a macbook pro depending on how much money i wanna cough up - my receiver is also going out to the living room so I can feed through that anymore. I need a solution for hooking up unamped speakers (PSB alpha B) and headphones (Sony SA5000)...
  24. bpm2000

    External multi-harddrive tower/case?

    I will be ditching my old old old desktop (PIII 866mhz) that I've run into the ground for a laptop of undecided model soon (probably a macbook/pro or a lenovo) and I want to connect this to some sort of external HD(s) for more storage. I currently have a couple of HD's in my current PC that...