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  1. lollerberry

    IMAGE X5 129.99 amazon until 8:00 pacific standard time

    Wow, that was a completey impulsive purchase!  For the past week I've been contemplating getting IE8s, M-50 or ESW9 and all of a sudden I have the X5 coming my way. 10 minutes from discovery to purchase, never researched them before.   Thanks, internet! Sure hope they're good :-)
  2. lollerberry

    Closed headphones that sound like HD580's?

    Also, is ATH-ESW9A and ATH-ESW9 the same thing?
  3. lollerberry

    Closed headphones that sound like HD580's?

    Wow, some serious heavyweights in this thread, thanks a lot! To sum up, here are the options according to you guys: HD-265 - a little sceptical about their comfort, just based on how monolithic is looks KH-K1000 - never tried any kenwood headphones Ultrasone Pro-550 - sceptical about the...
  4. lollerberry

    Closed headphones that sound like HD580's?

    Hello head-fiers, A few years ago I've spent a lot of time reading the forums, and of course ended up trying a few pairs of headphones after buying them on the forums too. When I got my hands on the HD-580's, now probably 3 years ago, I've stopped. As far as open cans go, I don't see how...
  5. lollerberry

    Online value Guide

    I'm not sure why the prices are being removed after the item is sold, but from my experience you can know what something goes at just by following the sales over a week or so, no?
  6. lollerberry

    Sennheiser HD-280 best choice for closed cans for iPod?

    I also did not like the 280's. The sound was very tinny in my opinion. In terms of isolation, however, it's very good. Maybe too good at times because the clamp is very strong. Despite that they're fairly comfortable on my relatively small head. Haven't tried any alternatives in the same...
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