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  1. puck

    FS Campfire Audio Atlas :::Pending:::

    I was planning to keep these long term but just haven't been using IEMs much so it's too hard to justify keeping them. They are fantastic bassy IEMs. They're in great shape. I'm asking US $660 for them with fully insured shipping in the US and paypal fees on me. I'll consider shipping...
  2. puck

    WTB ZMF Aeolus

  3. puck

    WTB ZMF Aeolus

  4. puck

    WTB ZMF Aeolus

    I’m interested in finding an Aeolus. I’d prefer one in a limited wood or at least a wood with interesting grain. I’m hoping to find one under 1000 but would spend a bit more for the right wood. I’d prefer to find something in the US since international shipping is expensive.
  5. puck

    SOLD Astell & Kern JH Audio Michelle

    I'm selling my JH Michelles. They are great IEMs. They have a fairly dark sound with plenty of bass for the bassheads out there. They are light and comfortable. They're in great shame and come with all the stock accessories and packaging although they may be missing a pair or two of the...
  6. puck

    WTB SchiitGen 5 or Unison USB Board for Bifrost

    I'm looking for a gen 5 or unison board for my Bifrost Multibit. I'd prefer the gen 5 since they should be quite a bit cheaper now. Please let me know if you have one that you'd sell. Thanks
  7. puck

    FS Schiit Yggdrasil Gen 5 USB Board

    I bought this board used thinking that it would fit my Bifrost as they are sometimes listed as being for both. It definitely does not fit my Bifrost unfortunately. I'm asking $60 shipped in the CONUS paypal fees and shipping on me. I'll ship internationally but it may cost a bit extra.
  8. puck

    Sold Focal Elear

  9. puck

    Sold Focal Elear

    These Elears are in very good used condition. They sound fantastic, and look great. They come with 2 lengths of cables and the original box. The box has some wrinkles in the covering on the lid but that's just the box. The pads and headband are in great shape. sold The box is very large...
  10. puck

    SOLD MrSpeakers Ether CX

    I've finally decided that it's time to let me Ether CX go. I love the look, comfort and sound but I have come to the conclusion that I like dynamics drivers better on average and these just aren't getting the head time to justify keeping them. I don't have the original box but they do come...
  11. puck

    Sold ZMF Eikon Cherry

    I'm selling my Eikons in Cherry wood. They are excellent headphones and I am only selling them because I found another pair in limited wood that I like the look of more. I'm partial to darker or more figured wood and got a chance to get one so I had to take it. These still look fantastic...
  12. puck

    Found ZMF Atticus

    I'm interested in finding an Atticus to compare to my Eikon. I've been curious about the sound differences for awhile now. I'm hoping to find one in the 600-700 range or a bit more for a limited wood version. I also have an Ether CX or a Focal Elear that I would be willing work in as trade...
  13. puck

    Found Klipsch HP-3