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  1. Crazykiwi

    Vintage AKG K340 Electrostat-Dynmaic Headphone Restore

    Link for photos and process:     I found some badly damaged vintage AKG K340 Electrostat-Dynamic headphones on Kajiji for $30. It is a rare model with a unique technology combination that never took off. In addition to a standard driver for the mid and low end...
  2. Crazykiwi

    Is there an exaustive list of over $1000 cans

    Where can I find a clear list of all current and, noteworthy headphones over $1000 including recently released pairs? 
  3. Crazykiwi

    Matrix M-Stage ideal gain with HD650

    I just picked up a Matrix M-Stage for use primarily with some HD650's.  Any thoughts on the ideal 'gain' to set it at?  I can hear a difference from listening straight out of the Fiiio E18 DAC.  The sound is less congested and the veil lifts a little.  However I am getting some slightly boomy...
  4. Crazykiwi

    Intro by Niall a long time lurker

    Hi, my name is Niall.  I've lurked here for about year but would like to get more involved in the community.  I have a small collection of mid-range headphones and antiques including:   Pioneer SE-L25 (brilliant and unique under chin vintage design but poor sound) 4AA (an old standard but not...