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  1. KarlHU

    SMSL SU 8 + SP200

    330 for both.175 if you buy each
  2. KarlHU

    Moondrop Starfield like new

    Come with Factory warranty,I got 10 pair of them plz let me know,if you want then
  3. KarlHU

    SMSL SP 200 in new condition

    Come with factory warranty
  4. KarlHU


    515 OBO free shipping
  5. KarlHU

    [SOLD] Monoprice Liquid Platinum by Alex Cavalli w/ 2 extra tubes

    Selling a Monoprice Liquid Platinum in great condition. All accessories (including stock EH 6922 tubs) and package included. Also comes with two extra matched pairs of tubes: Gold Lion (gold pin, $75) and Amperex PQ (not gold pin, $50). I am the second owner and bought it from the first owner on...
  6. KarlHU

    [FS] Dita Project 71 Earphone (Last Call!)

    Up for sale is Dita Audio Project 71 Earphone, 300 units limited model with customized Oslo cable Beautifully aged but with some glue mark on one unit that can be seen in the pics. All accessories included except the original 3.5mm TRS Awesome plug missing (so there will be two 2.5mm TRRS...
  7. KarlHU

    [SOLD] Hifiman Arya Planar Magnetic Headphone

    Up for sell is a Hifiman Arya planar magnetic headphone in good condition. Comes with package and stock 6.3mm cable. I am the first owner and bought it March 2019. The units were updated to latest version in August (the pad mesh was attached to the earpad instead of directly over the unit on...
  8. KarlHU

    [SOLD] Mytek Digital Stereo 192-DSD-DAC Preamp Version

    Looking to sell my Mytek 192-DSD DAC. It is the black preamp version in great condition (small dent on volume control knob only). No mod except the IEC inlet: the original one is a Schaffner FN261S-4-06-10 w/ fitering (since the machine has to pass certain certifications) and I changed it with...
  9. KarlHU

    [SOLD] FS: Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen Great Condition

    Up for sale is a pair of Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen in great condition. Original box, carry case, stock cable and a pair of connector extension adapter (for unfitted 3.5 connectors) included. Paperwork lost but not under warranty now. Literally no wear on the headphone (not use often) and the...
  10. KarlHU

    [SOLD] Acoustic Research AR M2 Portable Player

    Selling my AR M2 (MSRP $999) with box and all accessories including official protective case ($69.99). PayPal fee and shipping to COUNS included. It's like new condition except for one wear at the back. The function is all good and at lateset firmware. PM me if you are interested. Not...