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  1. minchia

    Which brand make the most durable IEM?

    Few months I am looking for an IEM to buy. The problem is everytime I come up with a decision, I end of finding a lot of negative reviews with complains about build quality. So my question is, regardless of sonic specification, which brand makes the most durable IEM? If I want to spend 300$...
  2. minchia

    Do I need amplifier for v-moda m100?

    Hi, I want to buy v-moda m100 aira version to use it with my sandisk sansa clip +. Do I need amplifier to get best of headphone? specially for bass. :ksc75smile: thanks! :ksc75smile:
  3. minchia

    bassy over the ear head-phone for my sansa

    Hello music lovers. I am a beginner looking for your suggestions for a pair of headphones. To make it short, let me list my needs: over the ear headphones (so my ears go inside and it is more comfortable) more bassy type of sound (because I like it this way ;-) ) leaks minimum (so I can listen...