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  1. djricekcn


    Not sure if i am in the right section for this but i basically need help with recablling a cable i already have.  Long story short, **** happened and cable got cutoff and now i need someone to recable it at the shorter length so i can use it again...   it basically looks like this right now...
  2. djricekcn

    Need suggestions.. Bluetooth headphone

    What are recommended for Bluetooth cans mainly for classical and alike for 200-300 usd range
  3. djricekcn

    Which is better? (USB) Odaiya Continental or AIM Shieldio

    Just trying to get opinions, which cables do people prefer (USB A to B)?  are there any other recommendations?
  4. djricekcn

    trusted / good 1/4 (female) to 1/8 (male)?

    First off, if I have the sizes wrong I am sorry...   Basically I have a fostex th900, which I believe is the "1/4" plug, however, even though I have an amp, there are certain things I want to try it out on which I can't use the amp for, they use the standard, more common female, which I...