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  1. DerpCeption

    Best EarBuds under $30.

     Hey Guys, as you can obviously see, I am trying to find the best earbuds for under 30 dollars. Currently, I am taking a look at:  If you have experienced those earbuds in the link above, please let me know. If there are others that...
  2. DerpCeption

    Astro Mixamp, impedance Question Double amp and Proper Headphone

    Hello Mad Lust Envy,  You seem to know the most out of anyone here on this thread, so question? I currently own the Beyer Dynamic DT 990 PRO 250 ohm and Fiio E10 set up currently. If I were to buy the Astro Mixamp Pro in the near future, how would I exactly connect everything together? I...
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  4. DerpCeption

    Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO Mod I Came Up With!!!

    Quote: I completely understand Mshenay! For the most part, I think they are just perfect. The other thread I started would be cool as a project for deeper ear cups. The only nuisance I find with my pair [Beyer Dynamic DT 990 PRO 250 ohm] is that it has a coiled cable..... I would of...
  5. DerpCeption

    Beyer Dynamic DT 990 PRO 250 OHM MOD!!!

    Surprisingly enough, I do have a good amount of experience with Electronics, Soldering and all. Roger that Mshenay! The main point of this thread was like I said, see if someone else has done one, because if someone else has done a successful mod than it may be worth trying out someone elses...
  6. DerpCeption

    Audiophile Headphones.

    Since recently, my last Steel Series 5hv2 headset fizzed out on me. I then proceeded to get the ATH-AD700 by Audio Technica, and while I was pleased with them, the ear cups were too large. It got to the point of being at 4 inches in diameter that the ear cups causes pressure on my jaw, giving...
  7. DerpCeption

    Headphone Amps

    The other day I received the Audio Technica ATH-AD700 headphones. These were supposed to be an upgrade from my Steel Series 5Hv2 headset. I received those as a gift so I can't complain but they only lasted about 10 months. They were taken with extreme care but the cord was very short, so the...
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