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  1. kuutan

    Can't Desolder Amp Component.

    Hello, A couple weeks ago I damaged the headphone socket for my Fostex HP-V1 portable tube amp. It was heart breaking and I wanted to attempt a repair by replacing the headphone socket. I'm a beginner at soldering/desoldering but just watch videos on youtube to get an idea. I bought a...
  2. kuutan

    [WTB] Fostex TH610 walnut cups

    Looking for a pair of 610 walnut cups... If you modded a 610 with aftermarket cups and you don't need the walnut cups anymore. Let me know. Thanks.
  3. kuutan

    Single tube amps vs multiple tubes amps

    Hi all, I'm still pretty new to the audio party and I tried researching but didn't find anything. I told my audiophile friend that I wanted to pick up a single tube amp on the local ad but he suggested I should always get a tube amp with at least two tubes...i forgot the reason he told me as I...
  4. kuutan

    Lambert PIBE amp for Grado

    Hi, I have an opportunity to purchase a used Lambert pibe amp, but I was wondering how it would do for grado? I only own a vintage pair of sr200 (non hp1000) and i can run my fiio e10 as dac.. The amp has a load at 16ohm - 300ohm and output of 100me @32ohm. Any thoughts?
  5. kuutan

    Grado SR200 Non-HP1000 model

    First off, I've tried searching old threads only to be overwhelmed with FS past posts for the hp1000 model. A few past post from years ago were still up while some were dead so I decided to make one to learn from the current gurus since there aren't a lot of talks about the non-hp1000 model...
  6. kuutan

    Good headphones for vocals?

    I've been listening to all kinds of music with Grados starting from sr60. But I don't have much experience outside of Grados with vocals. I know Grados are good for rock but when it comes to vocals I feel like I want to try something else and see if it's what i'm looking for. I also enjoy little...