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  1. UltraBird

    Battle of the sub $100 headphones with iPhone controls

    Hi everyone,   I always like to keep a pair of sub-$100 in-ears for use on the go, straight from my iPhone. I like to keep the price low since they inevitably get trashed over a year or so of daily use, and I need an in-line mic and playback controls. After browsing around, I think I’ve...
  2. UltraBird

    Best sub-$100 IEM's?

    Hey there, I'm looking for a pair of IEM's under $100. Right now I'm considering: Ety ER6i Ety HF5 UE SuperFi 4 Shure SE210 Shure SCL4 Any opinions/suggestions? Thanks!
  3. UltraBird

    Ultrasome PROline: same as PRO?

    Hi all, I'm shopping around for a pair of Ultrasone PRO 650s. When I look online, I see some of the "PROline 650"s still for sale for about $15 cheaper. From the looks and specs of it, it appears that when Ultrasone switched to the "PRO" branding, they simply changed the name on the top of the...
  4. UltraBird

    PRO 650 unamped?

    Would the Ultrasone PRO 650, with its 75 Ohm impedance, be capable of working well with my iPod Touch 2G, or would I be better off with its sibling the HFI 550? I realize I won't be getting the SQ I would get from an amp, but when I'm not at home I'll be using these from the iPod. Thanks!
  5. UltraBird

    AKG K 240 vs Ultrasone HFI-580

    I currently own a pair of AKG K 240 MKII's (same sound as the 240 S), but I'm considering buying a closed pair of headphones for portable use. I had planned to buy a less expensive pair with the understanding that they would not match the SQ of my at-home K 240's, but looking at the HFI-580, I'm...
  6. UltraBird

    Best Closed Cans $100-$150: Audio-Technica vs Equation vs M-Audio vs Ultrasone

    Howdy pardners, My crappy Sony earbuds finally gave up the right channel (finally!) so now I have an excuse to buy a pair of headphones for portable use. I'm looking for a pair of portable, sealed cans this time because I'm tired of fragile earbud cables. This is not going to be my main set...
  7. UltraBird

    Best iPod Headphone--Price No Object

    My question is this: With unlimited funds and an iPod or comparable DAP as the only source, what is the very best full-size headphone that can be powered at normal listening volumes? I realize that no high-end can will reach its full sonic potential from the iPod's puny amp, so the only...
  8. UltraBird

    AKG K 240 MK II vs. Grado SR 125

    The title says it all. What are the relative merits of the AKG K 240 MK II versus the Grado SR 125? Both can be had for around $150. Fight!