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  1. Precogvision

    Precogvision's IEM Reviews and Impressions (plus ranking list)

    I'll be putting most of my reviews and impressions here going forward for those who want to follow along through Head-Fi. I've posted my reviews here and there, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have them all organized in one place. All my reviews can be found on my site here, and I have a...
  2. Precogvision

    [SOLD] [US-CA] Fearless Audio S8 Pro

    Hi all, For sale are my Fearless Audio S8 Pro. I am the second owner. They are in excellent condition - please see the photos. Included are the earphones themselves, the stock case, and the stock cable. I don't have the original packaging. Price includes shipping CONUS and is via PayPal Goods...