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  1. DrivenKeys

    HE-4XX Planar Repair advice?

    Hi everyone! I just impulse-bought a Hifiman HE-4XX for parts on ebay. The decscription only said they're defective, with no further details. Here's my question: I'm not experienced with planars; aside from broken wiring, what might be wrong with these? Of course, I'd like to fix these, but I...
  2. DrivenKeys

    WTB: Broken Beyer drivers, parts, diy stuff

    Hello, Head-fi-ers, I hope you're having a good day. Does anybody have some dead Beyerdynamic dt770, 880, or 990 drivers? I could use them. Any Superlux hd 330/660 (Beyer ripoff) stuff would be great. I'm using the baffle and other parts in diy cans. Even if you've removed the driver itself...
  3. DrivenKeys

    DT770 shell with Peerless Vali Driver

    Hi Everybody! I was never the biggest fan of my dt770, so when I broke a driver, I decided to play. The Kennerton Vali driver by Peerless has gotten a lot of attention, as it's very nice quality and only about 11 bux each. I love paper speakers, so couldn't resist...