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    ever hear of 'UPS mail innovations' as a shipper?

    this is strange. a hybrid (seeing more and more of these) between UPS and USPS. it seems that newegg is starting to use this service for 'free' shipments. I bet its cheap for them but it sounds like a nightmare for users. they have UPS pick up boxes in bulk and deliver to the US mail. it...
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    bait-and-switch sellers really annoy me

    question: when a seller shows a picture of an item, names its brand and yet sends you something that does not match either, isn't that fraud? I just ordered some UPS batteries (large heavy 12v lead acid things) and what arrived was not the brand name that I had paid for. I picked this seller...
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    beatles on usb stick (interesting marketing idea)

    The Beatles - Limited Edition USB Stick (Containing All Audio and Visuals From the Remastered Beatles Stereo Box Set): The Beatles: Music today (at least) its on sale for just over $200 canadian. its a metal usb 'stick' that has all the beatles' songs on it, including mp3 and...
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    voltage-controlled *lack* of security (RSA impl. hacked)

    synopsis: Researchers find way to zap RSA security scheme University of Michigan security researchers outline voltage-based attack on the RSA authentication scheme Three University of Michigan computer scientists say they have found a way to exploit a weakness in RSA security technology...
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    hexacopter, wow.. ("toy" if you can call it that)

    The Hexacopter: Awesome flying machine. [VIDEO] I'm almost speechless. very impressive!
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    water-slide decals: anyone use them?

    I'm interested in getting clean looking white lettering on a clear background, for darker colored cases. getting black lettering is easy, it seems; but only a few printers can do white lettering. an old ALPS is mentioned but its been discontinued. anyone here use home printed decals for their...
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    labelflash? is this just lightscribe re-done?

    anyone here use lightscribe to label their discs? (I use it for dvd and cd; love it). I now see drives out there with 'labelflash' branding. any insight as to what this is and how it compares to lightscribe?
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    my DIY project was picked up by Makezine and Hack-a-day ;)

    about a week ago, I started an informal project to stagger hard drive spin-up on my NAS/pc. I designed and built a prototype and wrote some firmware for it. it seems to work, too first, Makezine and now hack-a-day picked up the story. kind of neat when your stuff gets noticed: Make...
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    in praise of bluetooth ;)

    bought a new laptop recently and bluetooth is all the rage. some models come with it built in and the ones that don't, you can buy a $10 micro usb dongle that gives you BT. the cool thing about this RF tech vs regular old RF is that this needs only 1 dongle per computer and you can have as...
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    SPINmaster, to help with drive spin-up surges (computer DIY)

    the last few days I've been working on this gadget to help computer power supplies cope better with power on surges (having lots of drives all turn on at the same time is never good for your PSU). today I noticed there were more than the normal amount of hits on my photo page. turns out the...
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    Lexicon BD-30 Blu-ray Player (Oppo BDP-83 Clone) Review.

    Oppo on the Inside, Lexicon on the Outside — Reviews and News from Audioholics wow. lets see them explain THIS stunt. (cue the popcorn icon...)
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    anyone score any goodies at 'sparkfun free day' today?

    wow. what a riot! they had a promo today for free $100 of goodies (you pick) and you pay shipping. took me almost 2 hours in the browser window to get beyond all the timeouts on the webserver. wow. they are going until they give away $100k of stuff. they're almost there now (don't bother...
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    'gurgling sound' on mp3 at song fade-out ?

    this is strange, I'm only hearing this very recently (on almost all my old mp3 files). as the song fades out, at the end, I hear a gurgling kind of noise. bubbling with some echo or bandpass filtering. hard to explain.. I'm sure its the encoding and not the rest of my system; in fact it...
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    would you buy/trust this? (usb+ac power in one)

    TruePower UCS Power Outlet With Built in USB Ports - TruePower UCS Power Outlet With Built in USB Ports saw this and kind of laughed a little to myself. how long will it take before someone messes something up and fires happen? just seems to have FAIL written all over it. would you...
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    some really bad SMD soldering (example)

    I was reading a post about stepped attens (a month or so back) and how someone noticed that the numbers on the chips didn't line up all in the same direction, for 'looks'. well, what do you think about THIS, then? at closer inspection, maybe its not as bad as it looks (lol) but...
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    barking dog in apartment complex: any recourse?

    this is really driving me nuts. I could use some advice. I live in an apartment complex and for the longest time (I've been here way more than I'd like to admit) they did not allow pets, not even cats. now, with new mgmt they now allow dogs. this is about a year ago that they changed the...
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    good sale on a celery disk server system

    mine came last week and the sale is back on again, today. item # N82E16859117003 its a cel420 cpu inside, ddr2 512mb of ram, 4 disk slots (rubber isolated), small PSU, custom mobo, 2 small fans that vary based on temp. note, NO video card and only a pin header for serial. its...
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    need phones to take to meets, demos, shows, etc

    maybe this is an unusual request I'd like to buy a spare set of phones with the sole purpose of using them to demo equipment that I take to meets, shows, demos, etc. not all shows will involve folks who know how to properly care for phones, so I'd like to buy some robust well built...
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    anyone know if denon is planning a model line change? (looking for d2000)

    the price has jumped a LOT lately. the d2000 denons were sitting at a bit over $200. now they're closer to the $300 range ;( and even stranger, the next model up (d5000) is going for low 400's. not a huge price diff, when before it was quite large. is there a model change happening soon...
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    WTB/T: denon d2000 or d5000

    looking to buy my first set of denon phones. I'm ok with the d2000 model; the 5000 is also nice, though I'd like to do a trade (gear or phones for phones) if possible. PM me if you have denons you want to get rid of.
  21. linuxworks

    audio technica ath-6 electrets

    I have an old pair (from the 80's) of ath-6 electret headphones. the headband broke but I think the elements are still ok. I have the ath6 transformer that goes with it. are these phones worth fixing or doing anything with? I was never impressed with their bass but the rest was fine, as...
  22. linuxworks

    'superprobe' - a neat test gear DIY

    someone pointed me to this article: Super Probe I don't need this. but I think I want it it looks SO simple to build, too! could be a nice first 'controller' project for some. fwiw
  23. linuxworks

    you cannot trust your eyes, so why trust your ears?

    check out this optical illusion article: The blue and the green | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine read the article. if your eyes can be fooled, why not your ears? I never liked it when someone said 'trust your ears'. no, I don't trust my senses. they often can be fooled.
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    IC: vista ultimate (new, never opened)

    a long time ago, I received a retail version of the microsoft vista ultimate software. it sat in a drawer for over a year, now, and I just found it again I'm a linux and xp guy and won't ever install vista. this is just sitting here gathering dust - maybe someone can use it? its a full...
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    emu 0404usb - line voltage drop-outs?

    anyone seeing this? I'm using the 0404usb and its supplied switching 5v wallwart. things work fine until I get some small line voltage (110vac) spike, even just turning something on in the same room causes a fraction of a section of a drop-out, like the regulator has NO storage at all to...