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  1. PatriotsFan

    What are great headphones for r&b?

    Hey guys I'm looking to purchase some headphones for r&b. I've been looking at audio technica m50, beyer dynamics dt770, senheiser hd650, and I think it's called "grado 80". But these headphones are kind if old and I was wondering if any better has came out recently. I used to have the beats by...
  2. PatriotsFan

    What are the best headphones for r&b???

    Hey everybody I know little about headphones so I came here wondering what headphones should I get for r&b? My limit is $400. I want some headphones with great bass and great sound! It's not that important but I would like for other people around me to not hear my music because I tend to have...
  3. PatriotsFan

    What headphones should I get?

    Hey Im looking for a pair of headphones to listen to my r&b music.  I previously had the beats by dre pro and they sounded very good to me, but seeing as everybody talks so bad about them I looking to try another pair.  I want some headphones that have great bass and great sound.  They also...