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  1. scaz

    Between HD-598 and ATH-M50X

    Non of those headphones really "need" an amplifier.  The HD-555 and up can being in better sound with them.  ATH-50 isn't a bad headphone at all, but it has no sound stage.  It's another reason why you see so many people here buying and selling headphones.  They are always wanting to try...
  2. scaz

    Audio delay with 2013 Astro Mixamp Pro in "Bitstream (Dolby)" format on PS4

    Have you updated your firmware?  I know the mixamp has had a lot of issues worked out through their firmware.  Contact Astro support.  Their support is really good.  
  3. scaz

    Monster Turbine Broken

    My Turbine sounds like it's under water.  Just not as accurate as some $15 headphones. It's sad when you spend so much that they won't replace them through the warranty.  I don't remember, but I think mine got wet.  
  4. scaz

    ATH-M50 vs SRH840

    My M50s are great for bass, but there is very little sound stage.  I don't like them for gaming. 
  5. scaz

    PC Gaming headphone questions and recommendations?

    I have the M50's and they are fantastic, but there is a much smaller sound stage. For an example, sounds like someone is behind you to the left, but you don't know if they are in your face or if they are a aways away.  My HD 650 really make me fell like have more depth to the sound, but they are...
  6. scaz

    Should I go with the M50's?

    I got some M50s a few nights ago.  So far the highs are a little to bright for me and there is just and average amount of bass for me.  The sound stage is pretty good though.  I would say that the M50 is more of a stuido monitor than they are DJ headphones.  I guess I will see after I break mine...
  7. scaz

    Headphones for gaming   Go with the non-pros
  8. scaz

    New Headphones

      Quote: I agree with this.  or the D2000.   I have used Sony's and HD-650.  I think that the Sony was little better for gaming since Sennheiser really need a DAC/AMP to make it good.    Check out this thread:  ...
  9. scaz

    Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (8/18/2022: iFi GO Blu Review Added)

      Quote: Just remeber it's cheaper to keep it than to sell it and buy it later.   By the way this is a great thread.  Thanks for the info.  I don't have alot of different headphones and I got a HD-650 like 4 years ago with a zero and I have loved it.  I wish I had more headphones to...
  10. scaz

    Black Zune 4GB $47 at NewEgg

    NewEgg has a "shell shocker" sale of the 4GB black Zune for $47 while supplies last. - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more!
  11. scaz

    Headphones for workout

    Is use UE5 at the gym and on runs and I really like them.
  12. scaz

    Woo 2 later or 3+ now?

    My questions is should I buy a Woo audio amp 3+ now or save up for the Woo 2 which shouldn't take me too long. I am new to tubes by the way. I will be using this with my zero DAC or FUBAR DAC on my Senn 650. I also want to get DT880 or possibly an ATH... who knows. I really am leaning towards...
  13. scaz

    Best amps for the HD650

    There should be a sticky threads for each major headphones with recommed amps in different price ranges.
  14. scaz

    something to pair with my HD650

    I personally am saving up for the woo audio 6 tube amp. That is about 600 which is a little over your budget, but I try to buy American. I aslo use a Zero which works well for a cheap budget amp. I would recommend yoru buy something to get you off the ground and once you hear music bliss you...
  15. scaz

    Which high quality full-size headphones have the most BASS!!!

    I hear the DT880 has some great bass.
  16. scaz

    Should I buy a DAC or upgrade my Amp?

    I enjoy my fubar. it's small and cheap and sounds great.
  17. scaz

    Best Matched Amp for HD650?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Murugesh RSA-Raptor is one of the best match for HD 650. But it costs around $1200. If your budget is only ~$300, then Gilmore Lite is the closest best amp I would suggest. Yea, I am really wanting the Raptor, but I feel that if I can't save up the...
  18. scaz

    RSA owners say it's dark

    Cool I was thinking I wanted to start saving up for the Raptor to go with my HD650s. I like my bass and my music a little warmer. One of these days I will have to get some brighter head phones.
  19. scaz

    New to HP:Suggestions for HD 650 Amplifier?

    if you want solid state you could look at the little dot V
  20. scaz

    What Amp Needed To Power HD650 Through Desktop PC??

    I would recommend searching around and defently going to the computer audio forum located here: Computer Audio - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio I can tell you that most peopel would recommend the little dot or darkvoice amps for that price range. Do some searching...
  21. scaz

    Tube amps in the Office

    I bought an acrylic plexiglass display case with a lock and drilled room for 4 computer case fans. I am dreaming of getting a tube amp to put in there one day soon. website where I got it is below. Acrylic Plexiglas Display Vitrine 10 x 10 x 17. - eBay (item 220308450261 end time Jan-06-09...
  22. scaz

    Help me setup my computer for MUSIC.

    I like my fubar 2. I haven't paired it up with an amp yet, but it's a good little USB DAC
  23. scaz

    Best 2.1 Speakers Under $150?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik They're not self-powered and don't come with a sub, but I got a pair of PSB Alpha B1 bookshelves for $169. Search for them at Audiogon and you'll find the dealer. They usually cost $289, so this is a steal. The dealer is good (I drove down there)...
  24. scaz

    Zero DAC / AMP

    I would vote for it, but honestly you get what you pay for with this amp.
  25. scaz

    Tube powered amps up to $500

    Woo all the way!!