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  1. yacobx

    Shozy Alien Plus

    In excellent condition
  2. yacobx

    The New Kinera H3 Triple Hybrid IEM

    Kinera is know for their BD005 dual hybrid but this this triple driver hybrid is gonna be a BEAST! I took some specs and pictures from their facebook page Model : KINERA H3 In-ears monitor Colour available :translucent black /red/ blue ( To be confirmed )...
  3. yacobx

    Help, I am allergic to Nickel and I love metal IEM's.

    Hey guys,    So about a year ago I got my first metal IEM and loved it. What happened next was weird, I started getting headaches. As I looked into this more I realized I had a sensitivity to nickel. I want to still use my metal IEM's but dont enjoy the day long headaches.    So here is my...
  4. yacobx

    PK1 DIY Furukawa cable mod

    Really amazing SQ with silver plated cable :)
  5. yacobx

    Fiio x5

    Let me know if you have a x5 for sale. Thank you.
  6. yacobx

    Benjie Offical Thread

    Hey guys,   Just got me a s5. Lets talk about it.   BENJIE S5 8G APE/FLAC/WAV High Sound Quality Entry-level Lossless Music Player Description Entry-level Lossless Professional sound quality Blind-operation Gorgeous texture 1mm border Built-in 8G memory (Max support 64GB TF card) 1...
  7. yacobx

    WTB VE zen 1.0

    Please let me know if you have a Zen 1 you are willing to sell. Thank you.
  8. yacobx

    Shozy Cygnus Official Thread

    Hello friends,     These are the current reviews out at the moment. I will update as more are released. (English) (Japanese)
  9. yacobx

    Im looking for a Xduoo X2

    Please PM me if you have one with a picture!!!! :) I will paypal right away 
  10. yacobx

    Fiio E6 for trade want NX1

    im in north dallas if you want want to trade in person. 
  11. yacobx

    iPod 5.5 Hard Drive replacement questions

    Hey Guys,             Im going to be replacing my hard drive in my iPod 5.5 30gb. Im interested in getting the best battery life. Im looking at getting a super talent ZT2 or doing the Zif to SD adaptor. I only use 320kb songs so I don't think speed is really my issue here. The SD adaptor with...
  12. yacobx

    Is there a type of AUX cable that doesn't transfer Ohm output?

    Im trying to cut out the background hiss of dual amping when I'm on the go using my iPhone 5. My set up is a Fiio E6 connected with the included aux cable to MDR XB90EX. The hiss is minimal but its annoying to me. As far as I know the L9 with the lighting converter does not transfer audio. Is...
  13. yacobx

    What would be the best tube for a Bravo Audio V2(12AU7) when using DT880's?

    Hey Guys,       So I recently purchased DT880's premiums 250ohm because I was looking for a more comfortable headphone that my first pair(280pros). Im using a cheap amp(Behringer HA400 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amp) and am looking to upgrade the sound a bit. Im currently looking at buying a...