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  1. Vilhelm

    Best sub $300 truly wireless earbuds?

    I got the 75T's yesterday, here are my first impressions. Everything works straight outta box, no connection issues at all. They are smaller than I thought they would be, and fit my ears very well - a good design with no discomfort. The 75T is a very loud set of earbuds, the volume can be...
  2. Vilhelm

    Best sub $300 truly wireless earbuds?

    Jabra 75t is definitely something to be considered. From what I can tell sound wise it has stronger bass than Momentum TWS, however Momentum sounds better on mid to high range. 75t is being released next month in my country so I might just hold purchasing until then. I'm reading some review...
  3. Vilhelm

    Best sub $300 truly wireless earbuds?

    Hey! I'm looking for truly wireless earbuds to pair with a LG v30s ThinQ. Things to consider: - SQ. A fun sound signature with deep sub bass and strong punchy mid bass - The headphones should not easily fall off ears during jogging or gym exercise - LG v30s thinq sports these BT features (5.0...
  4. Vilhelm

    Steps to find your perfect gaming mouse and how I found mine.

    @OP goods points there. Basically when I look for a new mouse I check 2 things: 1) How if fits my hand 2) technical specs & features The 2) is important because you should get a mouse designed for the type of things you do. For FPS games a simplistic mouse with a great sensor will do, for...
  5. Vilhelm

    New music is generally getting worse (link)

    This is what happens when the music business is mainly ran and coordinated by a select few, people become accustomed to the new norm they're being presented on every front.
  6. Vilhelm

    24 vs 32-bit sound

    For both gaming and music playback
  7. Vilhelm

    24 vs 32-bit sound

    Creative Labs' Sound BlasterX AE-5 has a message for PC gamers: The sound card isn't dead. Unveiled on Monday morning, this is the company's first discrete product in more than five years, made especially for the audio needs of the gaming community. The PCIe sound card brings new features and a...
  8. Vilhelm

    24 vs 32-bit sound

    Would there be a potential improvement in using 32-bit playback for details in sound which could improve gaming/music experience? I've got one 32-bit device already and looking to get a soundcard that happens to be 32-bit as well, just wondering if the 32-bit part is mostly marketing gimmicks or...
  9. Vilhelm

    Bassy Electronic Music

  10. Vilhelm

    The Trippy Music Thread

    This ones a total trip
  11. Vilhelm

    Bassy Electronic Music

  12. Vilhelm

    Car HiFi

    The topic for discussing car hifi! What gear you got in ur car (or installed in the past)? Personally I haven't had anything hifi in my car for about 10 years so I'm having a blast getting back into it! Here's what I'm installing & tuning atm: Head unit: Alpine UTE-92BT Amp: Kicx QS Gold...
  13. Vilhelm

    Bassy Electronic Music

    This thread is solely dedicated to bassheads posting and discussing the various bass heavy music. So get prepared! Bring out the basshead setup, hit the bass gain switch, seal them earphones tight in them canals, whatever is your way to enjoy the deepness... and post them sweet tracks with that...
  14. Vilhelm

    Prog rock

    Presenting to you the greatest prog rock band you never heard of: KINGSTON WALL "Influenced by such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, the group combined eastern themes, mysticism and vivid psychedelia with acid rock." This ones...
  15. Vilhelm

    Clear Tune Monitors' line of Premium Cables is officially available

    Are these cables any different other than 5-10 times the price of 20$ chifi cables from China ?
  16. Vilhelm

    FiiO Q1MKII-Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp, Native DSD Support, XMOS USB DAC chip, DAC AK4452, 20 hours

    I was just about to get and pair the MK2 with my LG V10 android phone but after reading reviews it seems the MK2 is using the android phones battery instead of its own... What a disappointment :( are there any android phones known to work properly with the MK2? Any planned updates to maybe fix...
  17. Vilhelm

    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Playerunknown's battlegrounds on PC (PUBG) 8/10 If you like FPS games and challenge then go for this one. Super fun and competitive MMOFPS battle royal type game, definitely has great potential but imo still probably needs years of honing to become a superb game.
  18. Vilhelm

    Best Open Headphones for Gaming? $300-$500

    DT770-80 works very well with Xbox One. Closed headphones for that focus you need, very immersive experience, super comfortable, and the Xbox controller amplifies the DT770-80 so well you won't need any extra amping, the controller actually somehow gives out very decent SQ. Only drawback is...
  19. Vilhelm

    Which headphones do you use for PC gaming?

    DT770-80. These headphones are very comfortable even for long gaming sessions, also the sound quality and positioning is excellent for demanding games like CS:GO and PUBG.
  20. Vilhelm

    Fighting Games thread

    I'm a fan of street fighter & tekken but there's one more franchise that I enjoy most of all ... Dead or Alive !!! I first played DoA 3 on the original xbox and it blew me away. Counters, complex combos, unique characters/fighting styles, this one is so much fun to play. :grin: