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  1. ADUHF

    Best sub-$250 headphones with neutral sound signature?

    AKG K361, K371 or K553 MkII? AudioTechnica M30x, M40x or M50x? Beyerdynamic DT 250, 770 or 990? Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, 569 or 58x Jubilee? Sony MDR-7506? Something else? What do you think, and why?
  2. ADUHF

    Help re different methods of driving and EQ-ing headphones?

    HEADPHONES: I am considering purchasing some new headphones. I'm not sure which ones yet, but it could be either a high impedance headphone like the 250 ohm Beyerdynamic DT-990, or 80 ohm DT-770. Or a lower impedance headphone more in the 35 ohm range, such as the AKG K553 MkII or K371. I'm...
  3. ADUHF

    Best-sounding open & closed headphones... with no EQ-ing or mods!

    Curious to know what you think are the best-sounding full-sized headphones "out-of-the box", without any EQ-ing, tone adjustments, or other modifications. Sound quality is the sole criteria here, whatever that means to you. If you want to break them down by price though (e.g. low, high...
  4. ADUHF

    The General European Music Topic

    Post European artists and music here in the genre of your choice (e.g. pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, folk, opera, house, etc.). Old or new. Post as often as you like. But please post only authorized and official content by the artists whenever possible. And if you are posting individual tracks or...
  5. ADUHF

    Music videos with good eye-candy/visuals?

    This is not a "best of" type of thread. We're just looking for videos with some breath-taking, interesting, or unusual visuals, or some nice local color. Preferably in HD, and with little or no violence. Good sound will earn extra points, but it's not a necessity here. Post as much as you want...
  6. ADUHF

    Recent Pop Ballads

    Post as much as you want. But please try to put each video or audio track in a separate post to make thread navigation easier. And please post only "official" content authorized or uploaded by the artists or their labels. Related Topics: Name this song - help!! ahhhh!! Pop Music - authorized &...
  7. ADUHF

    Vocal EDM, House & Dance-pop

    For your Dua Lipas, Ariana Grandes, Azealia Bankses, Madonnas, Kylie Minogues, Calvin Harrises, Flo Ridas, Britney Spearses, Justin Timberlakes, Rihannas, etc... Post as much as you want. But please put each video or audio track in a separate post to make thread navigation easier. And post only...
  8. ADUHF

    Pop-folk / Chalga & Other Balkan Music

    What the title says. For purposes of this thread, "The Balkans" may include Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina and the other former Yugoslav states. And possibly a few other countries. Note there are already topics here for Romanian pop and Turkish music...
  9. ADUHF

    African & Afro-Caribbean / Jamaican vibes

    This is for African, and Jamaican or any other Afro-Caribbean artists. And for any artists, in or out of the diaspora, who bring an African or Afro-Caribbean feel to their music, including UK grime and other artists. Post as much as you like, but please put each video or audio track in a...
  10. ADUHF

    Popular music of Turkey, the Caucasus & Central Asia

    Kind of a strange topic. But these areas and are all home to large populations of Turkic speakers. So thought I'd create a little thread for em. For purposes of this topic, Central Asia may include "the stans" (e.g. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.), and also Mongolia. And possibly some parts of...
  11. ADUHF

    What's getting alot of ear-time on your HPs lately?

    What have you been listening to alot on your headphones recently? A few guidelines for the posts here... - Post as much as you want, but please put each album, audio track, or video in a separate post, unless you' re just posting a list or some general info. - Post each album, track or video...
  12. ADUHF

    Rock's roots

    Post and discuss vintage rock & roll recordings made by the artists who originally formed and shaped the genre. Post as much as you like. But please post only one video or track per message to make things more manageable. And try to post only authorized content whenever possible. The quality...