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  1. Penta

    HA FX40 or KSC75 (UPDATE: Superlux recommendation)

    So, after days looking everywhere for more more stores and better deals, I've found myself with a bigger budget. I also found good places to buy Superlux headphones (they were extremelly well hidden). Considering the reviews these babies received here, I think I'll buy a HD681 at the start of...
  2. Penta

    Inside a Sony MDR-NC33, and DIY active noise cancelling headphone!

    Would you recommend the NC33 for someone who likes a wide range of music? I wouldn't mind paying more for the nosie cancelling feature, since it's cheaper than most headphone where I live. Could you compare it to another headphone/IEM?
  3. Penta

    HA FX40 or KSC75 (UPDATE: Superlux recommendation)

    I was about to buy the FX40 when I noticed Philips sells their headphones without the absurd taxes of other brands (I need to pay 50$ for the FX40). Due to this, I have a new option, but I can't really find much about it on this site. How is the SHO8801 compared to the FX40? They're actually...
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