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  1. Twinster

    *** Lower Price *** Basso PB1 Toucan with new battery.

    Making some place for new toys     iBasso PB1 Toucan with new battery (value of $35). The case show some small scar and one of the gain dip switch need to be slide using a pin but still 100% functional.  This is a great portable amplifier with balanced output that can drive full size adequately...
  2. Twinster

    *** WeekEnd Deal *** SRH-940, HP700, FXT90, PB1

      Making some place for new toys  . All items are in great physical and functional condition unless specified in description. They all have low hours of usage and the reasons they are being sold. I enjoyed their sound but moved to better equipment's.   *** Week End Deal ***  Get the SRH-940...
  3. Twinster

    Beyerdynamic DT1350 for sale!

    For sale my Beyerdynamic DT1350 with all original accessories. I'm selling them because I have not used them for a while now. They were my main headphone at work for over a year but replaced them by full size headphone & IEM's.   They are in very good condition and were always stored in the...
  4. Twinster

    Budget Phono Preamp

    Hello. I'm joining the vinyl group and I'm looking for a budget phono preamp to complete my Project RPM 1.3 (Genie) with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. Looking for something like: Musical Fidelity V-Lps Cambridge 540/640 Project phono Box Rega Fono ... Send me a PM if you feel like upgrading ;)
  5. Twinster

    Grado drivers from SR225 or SR325

    Hello!  I'm looking for 2x Grado driver from SR225 or SR325 of any version to complete my DIY project. Please sent a PM.
  6. Twinster

    New Hifiman Leaher Earpads (shipping Included) **Price Drop**

    I have a new set of Hifiman earpads that I have tried for 5 minutes on my Fostex T50rp.   They didn't work well with the Fostex so here they are. Take advantage of free shipping.   They are the new kind including the foam ring.   Here the Link for more information   Price include...
  7. Twinster

    Aluminum Knobs Perfect for Objective 2 (O2) Amplifier ***Price Drop***

      *** For all O2 owners *** I have extra aluminium knobs so if you want to upgrade from the basic plastic knob here are some option for you.     (3x) AlcoKnobs model kn700b Knurled in Black Aluminum.   I also have one silver Kilo that I bought from JDS Lab [SOLD]    ...
  8. Twinster

    Paxmate & Plasticine Kit for Fostex T50rp Modding

    I bought a box of Paxmate for my own T50rp and reselling the extra at cost. I also have Grey Plasticine.   The sheet of Paxmate is 15.5 x 6.9 x 0.125 inches and the Plasticine block is 5 x 1.75 x .5 inches   The cost include a padded envelope.   I currently have  4  2 0 Kits...
  9. Twinster

    Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

    Does anyone find the recording to be bad?  The bass seems to distorded. It sounded ok in my car but as soon as I tried it on my headphone systems (Foobar2000 - DACmini - Ms-Pro) is just didn't sound good at all. I try other headphones but the result was the same.   I'm currently listening to...
  10. Twinster

    Alessandro MS2i with Custom Wooden Cups & Bonus

      For sale is my modified Alessandro MS2i. I have liberated the drivers and installed them in wood cups made of Iroko. The drivers are just pressure in the cups (no adhesive required). I also recabled using a Silver Plated Copper Teflon Wire that I braided in a round pattern and terminated...
  11. Twinster

    Grado Headband with forks (Gimble)

    Hello. I'm looking for a Grado headband (Plastic or Leather) with good forks (Gimble) for a home project. If you have old broken Grado just send me a PM.   Cheer!    
  12. Twinster

    TWag cable for Sennheiser HDx (48inches) *** Price Drop! ***

    Very nice 48" TWag (Pure Silver) cable terminated with ViaBlue plug. Please note that one side of the cable end is showing surface oxidation but that doesn't affect the sound produce by this cable.    Price include shipping in Canada & CONUS (Paypal fee extra)
  13. Twinster

    Balanced Amplifier with un-balanced DAC?

    Hello. I'm thinking on going balanced and was wondering if I would get an improvement if I was just replacing my amplifier and keeping my current DAC's (Nuforce HDP & Centrance Dacport) for now?   I would like to recable my HD-650 and MS2i to start and would later replace my DAC if I like...
  14. Twinster

    Chassis/Case for Sigma 11 PSU (Hammond)

    I'm looking for a chassis / case for my Sigma 11 PSU.   Something like this Hammond case would be perfect.   Please PM with details / dimension.   Thanks
  15. Twinster

    Audio Technica ESW9 *Mother's Day Special*

    For sale (No trade) my lovely ESW9. They are in very good physical status (See pictures) with some minor scuffs on the wood cups. These are authentic (No fake junk) and have been modified as listed below:   * New SPC braided cable sleeved with nylon and terminated with an angle mini Switchcraft...
  16. Twinster

    Ultrasone HFI-780

    Looking for a good shape HFI-780 for modding. I don't mind some moderate scratches on the silver finish.    Please PM with offers.   Regards ;^)    
  17. Twinster

    Silver cable for Dacport (1/4 - RCA) 14 inches

    For sale my second custom made cable used with Centrance Dacport as pre-amp.   The cable is made of Pure Solid core Silver Interconnects 24 Gauge Extra Soft Temper, in a PTFE Teflon® Jacket covered with Carbon Techflex. The cable is terminated with Cardas Silver RCA Connectors and 1/4 inch...
  18. Twinster

    Beyer T50p Recabled

    For sale my portable Beyerdynamic T50p with upgrade cable from Westone Elite 64"($45 value). Headphone are in very good condition (with some marks on metal ring) and they sound amazing. I have roughly 150 hours on them and were used inside only.   I'm selling them to raise some fund for a...
  19. Twinster

    Vintage AKG K140 / 600 Ohms

    For sale my AKG k140/600 that was purchase for a project. The drivers were removed to be replaced with other drivers but never completed the project. I have re-install the original drivers and re-cabled them. They also have new velour earpad from Sennheiser HD25 ($35 value).   Price include...
  20. Twinster

    Authentic Audio Technica ES7 recabled

    For sale the gorgeous Audio Technica ES7.  They have been re-cable with a Grado SR225 cable and I also applied the dampening mod. Here's the link for more info. The shiny cup have some scratches (only visible in some angle) but they still look very good. They come with the original Audio...
  21. Twinster

    Yuin G1a recable with headband option

    For sale the Yuin G1a clip-on headphone that have been recable with a clear Westone Elite cable ($40 value). Also include is a headband to convert from clip-on to regular headphone.   About 55 hours total (Including burn in)   If you don't know them here's a good Review.   Price...
  22. Twinster

    Cable MOD for Beyerdynamic T50p

     Here`s my step by step cable replacement instruction guide for the Beyerdynamic T50p.     First remove the earpad by gently pulling on the edge. The pads are glued with reusable glue. You will be able to put them back with the same glue. Second remove the driver using a sharp knife by...
  23. Twinster

    Single strand pure silver wire source

    For all of you DIY'er who's looking for some silver cable at an affordable price here's a source I've used and the service was very good.   Example: I've ordered their 24 Gauge unbalanced Stereo Set (4x strands) with Semi-Clear Teflon Jacket for $8 per foot...
  24. Twinster

    *** SOLD *** FS: Ultrasone PRO-650 ($99) w/ FREE new Fiio E3

    I'm selling a set of Ultrasone PRO-650 that have been modified as per  kwkarth mod. This mod improved the sound dramatically. Read the review for more detail. This mod is completely reversible.   I bought them from a nice fellow from the forum and here's the original thread.   I'm...
  25. Twinster

    IC: Trade AKG K701 + SAA for your Beyer DT990 600 ohms ***Traded ***

    I'm looking for new experience and would like to trade my K701 that have been recabled with some nice Stephan AudioArt Equinox single end cable for some BeyerDynamic DT990 600 Ohms.   Send me a pm for trade offer.   I will add picture of the headphone tomorrow.   Cheer!