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  1. joncirca57

    Beoplay E8

    I will be interested to see which bore fits better. I think the Comply tips would be in the range of the wide bore. Or perhaps the plastic bore is flexible enough to stretch if you go with Normal?
  2. joncirca57

    1964 Ears

    Just another data point: I bought V8s last year, and for me the right is not quite the same as the left. I did adjust to the feel. The left "disappears" immediatly, while I notice the right for a while after inserting. I decided not to send them back for a refit, as I could not really articulate...
  3. joncirca57

    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and Wireless!

    I remember driving all over town to try on the original Momentums just to find the ear cups were too small for me. . . looking forward to trying these on for size!  My main use is travel, and these might be ideal.  
  4. joncirca57

    Review: Estron Linum BaX --- New IEM Cable for a New Age

    My BAX just came today.  As others have mentioned they are REALLY comfortable.  I also like the very small 3.5mm jack--very case-friendly.   I am using them on my old UE10Pros.  I probably don't have a good enough source to pick up a difference in sound, but the difference in comfort is pretty...
  5. joncirca57

    1964 Ears

    Mine was 7 days. Trimmed on Friday May 30, poured Friday June 6.
  6. joncirca57

    1964 Ears

    Just made step 5 (shells poured)! Kind of a fun tracking system they have. It must save them a zillion phone calls to check order status.
  7. joncirca57

    Martin Logan Electrostatic vs Magnepan Planar Magnetic Speakers

    Hi! I have owned both Magnepans and Martin Logans.  Actually, the Maggies are made close to where I live here in MN.  I realize both have their supporters.  Personally, I preferred the MLs by a huge amount.   I found them way more transparent, "smoother" and also to have radically better...
  8. joncirca57

    1964 Ears

      Congratulations!  I was JUST about to order the V8s too, but had problems with the impressions!  DOH.  I have had ear impressions done twice in the past with no problem, but I think one ear was "stuffed up" so could not equalize pressure when they stuffed the foam plug down the canal . . ...
  9. joncirca57

    Things to consider before getting your custom IEM impressions done. The perfect fit.

    An unusual experience . . .   I had impressions done years ago for my UE CIEMs, so thought it would be a piece of cake again.  So I went in a couple days ago, and they were not able to get the foam plug (first step of the procedure) far enough down in one ear without an excessive amount of...
  10. joncirca57

    Alclair RSM Informal Thoughts/Ramblings -- True Contender in the +$1,000 for $650

    Interesting thoughts. . . . I used to be an audio fanatic, and I too am a little surprised that the high-end custom IEMs have turned into a "driver race."  When I was buying speakers I would never have went past 3 way.  Two way or even full range electrostatics were my favorites.  
  11. joncirca57

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Wow, just wish I had a spare mechanical watch to take apart.   Using watch parts was stunning (and would be reminiscent of my other expensive hobby)
  12. joncirca57

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    No question, you have some of the most stunning art* I have ever seen!  By the way, is there a set of images on your site?  I did not see it at first glance.  Thanks!   * is "ear candy" an accepted term?
  13. joncirca57

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Wow, thanks for the instant reply!  I corrected my post to indicate CIEMs.  Used the wrong acronym before. While I have had a lot of IEMs, once I went CIEMs I never went back.
  14. joncirca57

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Quick question regarding Noble selection: I have a pair of UE10s that I still like when at home or in a quiet environment.  But when flying, the bass kind of disappears in the background noise.  So I would like another set of CIEMs with more of a bass signature.  I would like to keep the price...
  15. joncirca57

    1964 Ears

    Thanks for the review! I am trying to choose between these to options. Are you happy with the change? I currently have some neutral CIEMs (UE10) but when traveling thinking some additional bass would be nice.
  16. joncirca57

    1964 Quads Just Failed

    oh man, that's too bad!  I lost bass drivers in both my UE10s a while ago when I hit the volume accidentally on my iPhone.   I will say the repair  US was able to do was amazing, and I would think 1964 would be at least as good.  So best of luck!   PS:  I am thinking of adding a pair of 1964s...
  17. joncirca57

    1964 Ears

    Hmmm, V6s or V8, V6s or V8 . . .  Tough call since the price is so close and both get such nice comments . . .
  18. joncirca57

    High quality 3.5 to 3.5 to work with smaller diameter holes in iPhone (or iPod) case?

    I have a case on my iPhone 4 is that has a headphone opening too small for the right-angle 3.5mm on my UE IEMs.  Does anyone make a high quality, short, cable that might help? Thanks!
  19. joncirca57

    Variety: Have UE10, interested in E4 or UE 5 Pro

    OK, I love my custome IEMs, but I want to try something else. Reasons: 1. Even though the IEMs are great, on long flights I want a different "feel." (India coming up; 20 + hours from MN) 2. Can't help myself. 3. Reason? I don't need no stinking reason! (to paraphrase a line from a great movie...
  20. joncirca57

    Opinions sought on UE Hybrid vs UE 10

    Just another plug for UE service and willingness to tweak the fit for fanatics . . . I would really like to hear the Sensa's too. One criteria that affected me a little was ease of insertion and removal, something you might be doing a lot depending on where you are wearing them. The hard...
  21. joncirca57

    Color Screens: Overated?

    Might be my aging eyes, but I find the color screens easier to read. Otherwise no advantage to me.
  22. joncirca57

    UE Fit Survey - Did yours fit?

    Can I reply twice (5c and 10Pro)? Actually, I will say I had 2 refits, but probably because of the influence of all of you. They were great out of the box and went to better. The first refit was really needed, as the stem was too long for me. The second was a tweek for seal. I have to...
  23. joncirca57

    Ever question your headphone preferences after hearing good loudspeakers?

    Thanks, Beagle for initiating such an interesting thread! Actually this did come to mind recently. In the "old days" I built up a nice system, based on listening tests, around tubes and electorostatics. It sits almost unused now. I fired it up recently to make sure it still worked, and I have...
  24. joncirca57

    White Sennheiser Headphones

    Now I can have winter phones and summer phones. . .[not]
  25. joncirca57

    First post, and some info needed about ATH-EW9

    Welcome! Head-Fi has helped me spend a lot of money too . . . I use my EW9s at work a lot. I like the sound, easy-on/easy-off, and the fact that I can hear the phone. Your summary of posts fits my experience with only one exception--I do not notice the harshness that has been reported. One...