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  1. snapple10

    [SOLD] New in box Campfire Lyra II- US

    Warranty replacement Still sealed in box Price includes shipping within US Please, PM with any questions. Thank you
  2. snapple10

    IFi micro iDSD Black- US

    Used but good condition looking to downsize my collections Bottom of amp show sign of use- I was not able to capture in pic Missing one of the white cap for the ports Need better lighting in here
  3. snapple10

    Audeze Sine New in Box - US

    Warranty replacement from Audeze. Still sealed. Looking for a good home cipher cable- No Shipping/ fees- included SOLD
  4. snapple10

    For sale Grado HP1000

              Not sure of the history of the headphone but got from this ad   Still in same condition( some of the letterings are missing)   Used it about 3 times, headband is too big for my head   No original...
  5. snapple10

    IC:AK120 Titan with dock, Ibasso DX90

    pics upon request   AK 120 Titan- I am the original owner. Was planning to use with my DACs but find my self us steaming music services mainly   DX90 - rockbox installed but you can still boot it up under the original software (dual boot)- traded for with another headfier   Thank you for...
  6. snapple10

    IC: PS Audio DirectStream DSD DAC(black)-dealer demo model( no bridge)

    If you are looking at this, you already know what this DAC is capable of   Firmware: pike's peak  I have not had time to upgrade to the latest Yale firmware   I acquire this over the summer (07/2015). I have not registered it with PS audio    PS audio has transferable warranty which is a...
  7. snapple10

    Amp sale: Verza, RSA Intruder, SR71A, Alo International, Pico Power , M8

    -VMODA Vamp Verza -white/orange, protective layer  peeling around it , in no way affects the function-$175    -RSA Intruder - black-second owner. Markings coming off  but fully functional. sent it to Ray last summer to upgrade the DAC-$SOLD   -Alo International( black)-$210 SOLD   -Ray...
  8. snapple10

    Hifiman Double Helix , Moon Audio AK812, Tralucent Gold/Silver

    Tralucent Gold+Silver cable terminated for balanced AK DAP 2.5mm -$275 AK 812 Moon audio 5ft blue Dragon Retail $180-$135 Hifiman  2 meter balanced Double Helix Cables Complement 2 -$199   Prices include shipping within US   I will try and get pics up Thanks for looking
  9. snapple10

    IC: Headamp GS-X mk2: black w/ DACT 115volt for US

    For your consideration is a black  first run Head-amp GS-X MK2 with the DACT attenuator. Serial number  007   Original owner got it in March 2013. I have had it since May 2014   This is the best SS amp I have had up to date but been gravitating towards portables  so not using it as much  ...
  10. snapple10

    IC: Fostex TH900 / CEntrance HiFi-M8 / Colorware iPod Classic / VentureCraft LOD

    Alpha Dog( pain chip on one cup) SOLD   Colorware IPC ( Apple iPod classic - in black   M8 for apple for dual 3 pin phones   Venture-craft...
  11. snapple10

    IC HD800 Blue Dragon balanced cable,Sennheiser CH 800 S Headphone Cable, Audeze Silver Dragon cables

    HD800 Blue Dragon - 5 ft long terminated to 4pin xlr  CH800S - all stock -SOLD Audeze Silver Dragon-10 feet long terminated to 1/4 plug ( can get adapters thru Moon audio for use with multiple devices)         please PM if interested       thanks for looking
  12. snapple10

    SONY NW-ZX2 , Sony A17 ,VMODA Vamp Verza, AK 120 Titan, Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo- original

    SONY NW-ZX2- about 75-100 hours on it -SOLD   Sony A17: just have DAP and usb cable only- SOLD   VMODA Vamp Verza -white/orange, protective layer  peeling around it , in no way affects the function- $225       Cypher Labs Algorhythm  Solo- original - black -$225   AK 120 Titan- $775 or...
  13. snapple10

    Pico Power, RSA SR71A , Alo The International -, Centrance HiFi-M8

    Pico Power -black- $375 Centrance HiFi-M8 - for Apple devices 4 pin xlr -$399 Alo The International -black- $249 Ray Samuels Audio SR71A - black- $299     Prices ( firm) include shipping within US. Paypal fees on buyer, if applicable     Interest check: Balanced CK²III with a Gold...
  14. snapple10

    AKG Pro Audio K812, BeyerDynamic T90 Jubilee 90th Ann. Ed.

    AKG 812-$750  ( optional: 5ft blue Dragon retail $180, yours for $75 with phone) -PENDING I have the stand and box,  X2- $225 SOLD T90- $399 -  sorry,  no CD. original buyer kept it    Paypal fees on buyer , if applicable   -Second owners on all but in good condition.          Thanks...
  15. snapple10

    New in Box AKG 3003 with MIC

    New in box- never opened   Price is firm but does include shipping within US   Please add 4% Paypal fees, if applicable   Thanks
  16. snapple10

    V-Moda sale : M100 and Verza
  17. snapple10

    V-Moda sale :M100 and Verza

    Original owner of the black M100 , fun phone I used on trips . Marks on shields ,must have rubbed again my bag , still in good used condition White Verza-  got it from the forum. coating coming off but works    looking for a quick sale on this . Like buying Verza getting M100 free   pics...
  18. snapple10

    Cardas EM 5813 Ear Speakers

    Will trade for WR or Fidue A83 got it about 6 weeks ago not having the best of luck with fit . In good condition   PM for questions   thanks
  19. snapple10

    SOLD New in box Hifiman HE 560 with Moon Audio Silver Dragon 10 ft cable with 4 pin male XLR connector

     Backed a combo deal ( HE560+ basic Pulse)  with LH Geek Pulse via indiegogo campaign, just got the HE560    Got too many gears as it is and enjoy HE6 , so , decided not to even open the HE560     included in price Moon Audio Silver Dragon 10 ft cable with 4 pin male XLR connector retail...
  20. snapple10

    AK 120 Titan (120gb), Ibasso Dx50, Sony Z1060, -Apple iPod 160GB classic ( Colorware) ;SONY NWZ-Z1060 N.A. Version

    Just wanted to put the ad up to see if somebody might be interested  Not currently using a lot of my gears. looking to move them along   original owner of Ak120 Titan $899 obo Dx50 $135 second owner of Sony $99 ( no earbuds, just DAP and usb cord, iPod) Colorware Ipod classic-$299   Pics...
  21. snapple10

    IC: inventory reduction sale re-opened 8/9/15

    second owner on most bought from here j, ust not getting much use with M8 taking over portable/transportable duty and my iPhone mostly -Ray Samuels Audio  SR71A $299 Intruder- both in black $499 (Intruder was sent to Ray for the latest upgrade last summer )   -Pico Power -black $325   -Alo...
  22. snapple10

    First Massdrop AKG 7xx- New in box

    New in box Sennheiser IE800 $550 SOLD   New in box AKG 7xx ( December mass drop) $199 plus ( $15 shipping) -took delivery Dec, 2014   New in box Hifiman HE-560 $789    Westone w30 SOLD- used    V- Moda M100- $189 - scratch on both shields   K701-really old but works $75 shipped-see...
  23. snapple10

    Hifiman HE 6 plus Norse NORN balance cables with 4pin XLR Termination- combo price

    I enjoy trying out gears and accumulate more than I need.     comes with items above and  box only Paypal fees on buyer, if applicable     International buyers are welcome but must cover shipping   Thank you -S
  24. snapple10

    Grado RS1i- Hardwired with about 4 and 1/2 feet Black Dragon balanced w/ dual 3 pin xlr

    It did not come with the original box but will properly packed for shipping Original ad     wanted to give the RS1 another try but I guess I just prefer PS500/ PS1000  sounds so this needs a good home It did...
  25. snapple10

    Cypher Labs Solo ( original) , Alo audio MK II - 11/15/14- got time to ship -SOLD

    got both used from the forum. Markings coming off have units and chargers, box for the Solo not using them as much lately so looking to move them on selling as combo  Recently got about 5 hours of use on both with  juice still left on the batteries thanks     got an old iPod touch 4G...