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  1. Electro Point

    Sony 818 Phones

    The stock earphones that come bundled with the 81x series are pretty decent for what they give you as said previously in the thread. You would be surprised on how they sound for bundled 'phones. The Etymotic ER-4Ps sound great hooked up to my 816 with minimum hiss (you want the less hiss you...
  2. Electro Point

    What EQ do you use for your iPod?

    I usually have the EQ off. With most of the setting the sound tends to sound unnatural and all distorted to me.
  3. Electro Point

    MP3's SUCK!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ILikeMusic The record producers who deliver the over-compressed garbage that we get these days are complaining about sound quality? I'd rather hear a well-produced recording in MP3 format than a poorly-produced recording in FLAC any day. Yes, and most...
  4. Electro Point

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part IX]

    New player: Sony NWZ-A816 Paired up with good ol' CX300 earphones.
  5. Electro Point

    Looking for a change of pace from the Grado house sound

    From the music preferences stated, Why not give the AKG K601 a try. Wide soundstage and laid back. Smooth, softer sound compared to Grado's in your face sound. Bass extends well on the K601 as well.
  6. Electro Point

    "Proof the iPods white earbuds dont suck that much"-- from Gizmodo

    The new iBuds are definitely an improvement over the previous ones. They are lot better in SQ than lot of the standard earphones that come with many players and any cheap $10 phone but not acutally worth $30 if you buy them seperate. The newer iBuds have a "cleaner" sound and more colored but...
  7. Electro Point

    Why do ppl buy OEM ipod headphones?!

    The average person would not acknowledge or even care about improved sound quality with better headphones. Another thing is they do not wish to spend over $50 on pair of headphones, or even have background knowledge on better audio and how the music is suppost to sound. The point is average...
  8. Electro Point

    Do you enjoy music more since getting into hi-fi?

    Sure do enjoy music more then before, Since I am hearing more detail and realism in the music from better equipment. Music is more appealing in the sense of immersing yourself in it.
  9. Electro Point

    Sony NWZ-A818 VS Sony NWZ-S618

    The A818 has metal full metal case while the S618 has a plastic case.
  10. Electro Point

    Are these three players drag and drop, for certain?

    Just FYI on the Sony player (if it hasn't been posted yet) when you drag and drop for the mp3s for some odd reason the year of the track does not show up and says unknown on the player.
  11. Electro Point

    What are the best bang for the buck car audio setups?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gonz If he's using factory locations (stock mounting), he's not going to get good imaging to begin with. If you're concerned with a proper soundstage, you'd be doing a custom install with kicks and custom tweeter placements, not using Walmart coaxials in the...
  12. Electro Point

    Are these three players drag and drop, for certain?

    The Sony player is drag and drop.
  13. Electro Point

    What are the best bang for the buck car audio setups?

    ^ Not all car have tiny speakers in the front, just FYI 6x8" in the front and 6x9" in the back for me. But to each preference, If you want your soundstage coming from behind you, do spend money on your rear speakers. Usually rear speakers tend to ruin your front imaging and the soundstage...
  14. Electro Point

    What are the best bang for the buck car audio setups?

    There is a lot you can do for a budget system that has great sound. First, just replacing the speakers will not do that much if your using the factory stereo because the factory stereo cannot supply enough power to make the speakers perform to the fullest; Aftermarket stereo with stock...
  15. Electro Point

    Zune + High End Stereo Will it work?

    There is something wrong than, It should sound fine. Try a different cable and what input is the Zune hooked up to?
  16. Electro Point

    Welcome Back to I'm Sorry About the Extended Outage

    Great to see the site back up and running, Much appreciation Jude!
  17. Electro Point

    Do my Shure E4C look normal?

    Does not look normal to me, Something is definitely wrong if its using a paper filter to cover up that hole.
  18. Electro Point

    standard/manual or automatic

    Manual. Problem is my car is 4-speed automatic.
  19. Electro Point

    Current King of DAP Sound Quality is...?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ricthaman I vote Sony Walkman! And I mean the NW(Z)-A(S)*** series. I have heard many DAPs and have to say that these still are the best sounding players I've ever heard. And Yes, I have an ipod (touch) and I've had an cowon D2 and F2 and a samsung K5 and...
  20. Electro Point

    Woo Hoo! Just ordered a new integrated!

    Sweet amp, Looks clean too. lol "craptacular remote"
  21. Electro Point

    Any cheap way to get good audio out of a a car?

    Quote: Originally Posted by The5ickne55 How hard are they to put in? My current head unit is ... pretty damn big ... I have a 2000 Chevy lumina You will need a special install mounting kit for it to fit into your dash, Also you will need the wiring harness adapter to connect the...
  22. Electro Point

    Koss PortaPro

    Yep, thats the boxes they come in. Great headphones for the money.
  23. Electro Point

    Ety Tri-Flange switched to Foamies

    Olive oil? I use water on the tri-flanges to get the best seal. I'm not sure about using oil.