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  1. 04BluMach

    The Carolina CanFEST 8/14/10

    I would be interested in coming down for the meet and greet to mingle with the NC Head phile set. Understand NCers are know for their hospitality and not just BBQ ribs. Hopefully the eventual date chosen aligns with the sun and moon to fit in the calendar. Will give me a good excuse to visit...
  2. 04BluMach

    VA/MD/Washington DC on MAY 29th, 2010 NEW

    Will try to make it up for this meet if the calendar stays open. Missed the Dec 5 event which looked like a great meet and greet with some highly desirable gear.... The HD 650 Raffle sounds like the perfect morsel to whet my 580 upgrade hunger.
  3. 04BluMach

    Is there a problem with

    They appeared to have significantly shifted their focus and genre of their stock over say the last 6 months or so. From about 100 discs in my queue, I now only have about 48 left. So many artists have been dropped such as Sarah McLachlan, Enya, Chicago, Yes, etc Only 15 SACD discs now...
  4. 04BluMach

    SOHA II - Super SE Hybrid

    Quote: Originally Posted by GeWa NANANANANANAAAA !! Received a greenish looking board today from Jeff Rossel Regards Got back from a week long trip - opened up the mailbox and guess what was waiting for me from Jeff ......... a greenish looking board just like GeWa...
  5. 04BluMach

    SOHA II - Super SE Hybrid

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jrossel Yes, the air here in Silicon Valley is lovely today. Oh yes, I do need to go order some boards. Who would like to test the first batch of production boards? PM or Email please and I will give you the details. I am also putting together parts kits for...
  6. 04BluMach

    Does Anyone Listen to Complete CD's?

    Generally, I listen to the entire CD straight thru in standard order. Occasionally, I will skip a song that just doesn't sound right at the time or just seems like filler. Usual CD player is single disc. The IPOD though is normally set to shuffle whether it be a selected playlist or a...
  7. 04BluMach

    Coke or Pepsi???

    Regular Original COKE for me.... Pepsi tastes like FLAT Coke to me . Yechk!
  8. 04BluMach

    Top 3 favorite bands?

    Sort of like the mandatory answer for any beauty pageant: .......World Peace! With Head-Fi, the obvious mandatory answer is of course: ........Pink Floyd! I will break with the Head-Fi tradition: 1. Santana 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Eagles I just can't get enough of the musical drive of...
  9. 04BluMach

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Torwards Ecstatsy
  10. 04BluMach

    SOHA II - Super SE Hybrid

    Quote: Originally Posted by runeight At this moment it appears that the only changes from prototype to production will be a few small resistor adjustments in the e12 circuitry. But, looking at the board layout, I might be able to make both caps 10mm. There isn't enough room for 12mm...
  11. 04BluMach

    Vitamin Q questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by AudioCats when used in my Sony D-35 Discman's line-out coupling, the 96p is more even and relaxed, while the 196p have a slightly more emphasized mid range (therefore more upfront). 191 is a little "harder" sounding. All are very good and all have a slight...
  12. 04BluMach

    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    Quote: Originally Posted by vpivinylspinner So who else is already at the Hotel? I finished dragging everything in on the wobbly wheeled luggage cart and checked out the "Headphone Hobbyist" meeting location. Pretty nice rooms, I was able to set up my system on the kitchen table for a...
  13. 04BluMach

    Vitamin Q questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by pinkfloyd4ever ok so I'm looking at getting some Vitamin Q's from L.A. Surplus electronics on ebay, and I have some questions. They're going to be used on Aliens and Milletts (for now anyway). So I'm wondering, in your experience, what part numbers are the...
  14. 04BluMach

    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    Quote: Originally Posted by grawk 10am saturday until 5ish, unless we get thirsty and head to dogfish early Really looking forward to the meet. Some fanatastic gear to try out .........and............. Woot Wooot Woooooooot on the DogFish outing
  15. 04BluMach

    Let's build Krmathis a Beta22!

    Quote: Originally Posted by amb The Mouser order had arrived, so did some of the donated parts. We're good to go for the initial build -- board stuffing and soldering. Good luck on the build. Enjoy! I'm sure the build team produces one awesome Amp that will literally blow...
  16. 04BluMach

    VOTE: Cream or Led Zeppelin?

    Both were major impact bands.... Just need to go with Led Zeppelin since I really enjoy so many of their tunes.
  17. 04BluMach

    HiFi alternative to iTunes?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mcmurray Why not just do it the old fashioned way. Buy the CD and rip. Easy. Yeah thats what I was kind of alluding to.... If you want to have high quality audio then you need to control the quality by doing it yourself the right way with the right...
  18. 04BluMach

    WoooOoOW >> head-fi price is about 300.000 $

    Quote: Originally Posted by bperboy I luv the diy nature of this thread... Going with that theme... Popular Mechanics $3,002,444 Head-Fi looking better and better for us DIY'ers - something we might be able to afford
  19. 04BluMach

    Jay Leno vs Conan O'Brien

    Had to go with Conan who can totally loose-it (Nostril Hairs flaring and all) in full HD at any time.... Jay is just in it for the tax write offs. He doesn't even pretend to make an effort anymore.... jeesh why even bother!
  20. 04BluMach

    Mozart or Beatles (cast your Vote)

    Quote: Originally Posted by rainy Do you prefer majestic and sublime sonic eloquence of the classical genius or bubble-gum pop of tasteless hacks? (with apologies to DavidMahler) :-) .........I'll go with the Kings of Bubble-Gum PoP The Monkees!
  21. 04BluMach

    Elvis Presley or James Brown: Cast Your Vote!!!

    Got to vote musically for the King If the poll was for movies - then would never go for Elvis with all those silly screen features JB's appearances on the silver screen were something else
  22. 04BluMach

    HiFi alternative to iTunes?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth It likely is illegal. However, depending on the torrent software, one can completely block uploading. In that way, one could legally (in some States/Countries etc) download an album they already owned without distributing it. Not all torrent clients are...
  23. 04BluMach

    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    Quote: Originally Posted by tyrion I'm in! I'm in too! Will head to the Brikskeller from the Residence Inn (Meet Site). Anyone who may need transport on the Brewsampling run can catch a ride. Its just over 30 miles from the meet site. I would expect that it should be about...
  24. 04BluMach

    SOHA II - Super SE Hybrid

    Quote: Originally Posted by dBel84 ........... Extremely good , definitely on par with the high end amps I have heard. simply put - you gotta build one ..dB Thats it rub it in.... Ring the bell.... and the Dogs immediately start to salivate. Drool is found all over this...
  25. 04BluMach

    audiophile quality albums

    A fantastic reference source for extremely good recording quality material is located on: The majority of the SACDs highly recommended at this site are Hybrid discs. That is they include both Multi-Channel and Stereo DSD (SACD) tracks along with RBCD (standard CD Audio) source...