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    Nuforce NE-7M with iPod?

    I own these phones and an IPOD classic 120GB and they work fine. I can use the controller to pause, play, FF, RR and the mic can be used for voice memos.
  2. Foxx

    REVIEW: Nuforce NE-7M iPhone IEM vs Denon C700 and Klipsch Image X10 (NE-8 Impressions Added 1/15/09)

    Thanks HPaddict! I just received my Ne-7s from amazon...amazing phones without even burning them in. I'm using the transparent tips from my old shure E2's. I what I really like about them is that they can double as a remote control for my ipod classic. Hopefully they are compatible with the palm...
  3. Foxx

    DT770's bass heavy? Blasphemy.

    i thought i was the only one who was noticing this. To me the bass jus isn't what it used to be. I bought a pair of cheap ep-630 and they have more bass than the dt770's (thought they don't sound as good overall)
  4. Foxx

    creative ep 630

    How does the treble on the ep630compare to the Shure E2.....I have the shures but need something with more bass...I have the DT770-80 bt can't really take those around town...would like an IEM with a similar sound signature...but not too expensive
  5. Foxx

    UE 5 Pro vs. 5 EB

    how does the EB compare to the Shure E2cs in the treble department? The Shures are abit dark to me..but I get used to them after listening for about 5 minutes...but it is quite noticable after I listen to my Beyer DT770pros.
  6. Foxx 5 pro: -wow-

    How does the bass and treble compare to the shure e2..I lost me shures and I"m looking for a replacement.
  7. Foxx 5 EB vs Dt 770pro

    Hey has anyone listen to the 5 EB and the DT 770pro. Do the 5 EBs have bass comparable to the beyers? I currently have the beyers and I'm looking to purchase IEMs with similar bass performance...thanks!
  8. Foxx 5EB vs. 5 Pro

    Does anyone know how the Super. fi 5EB compares to the Shure E2 in terns of mids and highs? I have the Shures and DT770 and looking to get one pair of phones. If the mids and treble are on par with the shures I can live with that.
  9. Foxx

    DT770-80 versus MDR-7506?

    I use my 770-80 straight out of a dell DJ and they sound pretty good to me. I don't know what I"m missing by not having an amp, but ignorance is bliss!
  10. Foxx

    best circumaural's for electronic/trance music

    The Beyer DT770pro 80 ohm version have pretty good bass impact. They are around $200 though
  11. Foxx

    Are you a basshead????

    Bass man here! DT770-80 pro
  12. Foxx

    Most Comfortable Headphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by PTheD If I might chime in with my opinion... I think the Sony MDR-EX71SL canalphones are the most comfortable headphone I have ever worn. I agree that the PX100s are more comfortable than most headphones. They don't provide a fluffy fair pillow feal, but...
  13. Foxx

    Torn between headphones... Help!

    I have the DT770- 80ohm version. They can be driven by a portable. I use a dell DJ and I usually have the volume at 20 with 25 being the max. They sound pretty good to be. But you WILL look silly wearing them out of the house, they are not small phones. When I leave the house that's when I pop...
  14. Foxx

    dt770, what amp, what sound card for pc?

    Thanks for the advice. I"ll email gary. The ANT amp sounds nice but I'm not ready to spend that kind of cash for compressed music, plus I"m really looking for something I can walk around the house with.
  15. Foxx

    dt770, what amp, what sound card for pc?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kramer5150 IMHO DT770s dont need a really beefy amp circuit (although it does help). Like everything else its the law of diminishing returns. I use an ATHA2 and an edcor HA400 and both power it nicely. Noiceably cleaner and tighter sounding than the headphone...
  16. Foxx

    Darth Beyer

  17. Foxx

    Just Got Dt 770-80

    Quote: Originally Posted by kramer5150 Do a search for " dremel " and you should find pics of my headband mod. IMHO the stock headband is uncomfortable. Garrett Thanks I"ll check it out..I have my hair cut low so I dont' have much of a cushion.
  18. Foxx

    Just Got Dt 770-80

    Well I posted tread implying that I wanted to by a pair, on the selling/buying forum. And I bought them used from "Turbo" on these boards for $185.00... New they are going to cost around $200 I Think. If you don't mind buying a use pair try posting in the forums. If you want the 250ohm version...
  19. Foxx

    Just Got Dt 770-80

    I think this is it for me....These phones are exactly what I've been waiting for. I love my ms-1s but I think I love these Dt770-80 more. I"m not even running them at their full potential as I'm using a dell DJ mp3 unamped and it sounds just fine to me. Bass is just enough, any more and it might...
  20. Foxx

    C PAds from headphile

    Quote: Originally Posted by sonance All the grados are uncomfortable. The RS-1 included. So if you bought RS-225s, you'd have better headphones, but your head / ears would hurt just the same. I really really really wish Grado would do something about the headband and cups. At least give...
  21. Foxx

    Sony MDR-sa1000, 3000, 5000.... what's the difference?

    I know what you mean. I have step 1 this summer I think after the second year its really not that bad. Second year , second semeter is the worst. I can't wait to get out so I can have my momma stop paying my rent!
  22. Foxx

    Unamp home phones

    If you are thinking along the lines of Grado cans, go for the alessandro MS-1. Well balanced set of cans that cost $99 and are actually a $150 dollar value because they are based off the grado sr-125.
  23. Foxx


    Yeah I"m sure I'll be source has an Eq so I could just bump the mids up alittle. What I"m really worried about is I've noticed my right ear tends to get little irritated and I think I"m experiencing some tinnitus after listening to headphones, and the bass for the beyers might just...
  24. Foxx


    You guys are almost making me regret selling my MS-1s.
  25. Foxx


    LTUCCI1924, would you say the MS-1 is much better than the 770-80pro? I just sold my MS-1s and waiting to receive a pair of 770-80s. I hope I didn't make a mistake because I really love my MS-1s, just wanted a bit more bass in the lower registers