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    I entirely agree with tbonner1's amp review. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I love the Bada and Doge amps and I find myself craving the Bada amp slightly more than the Doge but they are both incredible.
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    New Zune @ Newegg - $99.99

    got my zune for 90$ at buydotcom and I love it!
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    Vista Bug? No thumbnail view

    strange I have the same laptop and it has it
  4. romanalexander

    X-Fi Alternaive Recommendations

    I got an audigy 2 zs platinum for 26$ on fleabay
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    Can anyone tell me why I dont want the new Zune?

    I got a Zune for $90 on buydotcom and it is AWESOME!
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    New amp in the making

    wow nice info. thanks
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    Best Cans for Jazz?

    HD600 w/ blue Cardas cable
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  9. romanalexander

    A thousand $ to blow. What do you recommend

    HD600 w/ blue Cardas cable
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    What are you eating now?

    chewy granola bars
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    Need help deciding on first 'Good' Headphones! :O

    I would say, get some HD580 or HD600 if you can afford it. Then when you can afford it, get a blue Cardas cable. I got my HD600's recertified by Senn. and you can get recertified HD580's for under $150.
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    Post your Cd/Vinyl collection pics!

    Wowie! I don't have much music compared to these pictures. Impressive.
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    Equation Audio RP-22X Review - Pics added

    Nice info. thanks a lot.
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    sleep is overrated

    I hate it when I get too much sleep and I'm tired the next day, lol.
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    XBox 360 and Live

    I want teh XBOX!!!
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    READ THIS: Serious flaws in ipod classic

    I picked up a re-certified 30GB Zune for 90$ at buy dot com. Has one year warranty and comes in a sealed box. ipods are so frustrating, I tried to put songs on one and it would only let me erase all the songs and add only the new ones. I really don't understand what is so special about them.
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    Free power cord (too good to be true)?

    I can't stand these stupid ploys to get people to look at sites. I would never do bussiness with this company.
  18. romanalexander

    ipod classic or something else?

    The 30GB Zune is 90$ on I ordered a re-furbished one and it came sealed from Microsoft with a 1 year warranty. I'm not into mp3 players too much but now I can't stop using this Zune.
  19. romanalexander

    Recommendations for Best headphones on the market (new and old)

    Senn HD600 with the blue Cardas cable is my choice for anything under $500.