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  1. jv92red

    Sony MDR MA900 Impressions Thread

    MattTCG - how about your experience with the HE-400 which I see in other threads that you have owned (but not sure you still have these as they aren't in your sig).  How do the MA900 perform in comparison?
  2. jv92red

    Sony MDR MA900 Impressions Thread

    MattTCG,   I see that you also own MD's.  I know they are closed but I am also considering them along with these MA900's.  Can you compare/contrast review these two in more depth?  And anybody else reading this who own the MD's and the MA900's can also chime in.   While I was initially...
  3. jv92red

    Mr.Speakers Mad Dog REVIEW

    Great review - thanks!  BTW, Which rev # were these?  (Rev 3.?)
  4. jv92red

    JVC FXT-90 alternative

    Uh, you may want to check out the MH1C thread before you get these for workout use.  Some use them at the gym and are ok with them I wouldn't.  I own the MH1C and while the sound is amazing for ~$35 they are going for, the j-cord layout combined with the flat cord are not conducive to wearing...
  5. jv92red

    NHT's "secret" Black Friday sale - HRT Music Streamer Pro DAC for $199 - Only 2 available

    Not sure how "secret" it is but NHT has the HRT Music Streamer Pro DAC for $199.  Looks like there are only two at this price.   Just for comparison - Amazon has this DAC listed for $379   Edit: Looks like I posted this is...
  6. jv92red

    Just got my Grados and ATs...

    I don't own the ATH-A700s but I do have the Grado 125's.  Welcome to a very small group of us Grado 125 owners who don't get much love here on headfi.  The 125's are the red headed step child of the Grado's Prestige line.  Most people start with the SR60's or SR80's then jump to the SR225's as...
  7. jv92red

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    I've finally got about 100hrs of burn in time on these so I could get a fair impression of them; they are indeed an amazing value for the level of performance.  I am in the camp of people who need to EQ the midbass down a few db in order to achieve a more realistic balance.  But I don't get the...
  8. jv92red

    TDK BA200 Thread

    So after reading this thread I feel like the reviews infer these IEM's are more musical than a GR07, would this be a fair assessment?  Anybody who currently owns or who has owned the RE262, how do the BA200 compare to the RE262?  I have been looking at the RE262 as they excel in mid...
  9. jv92red

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    Maybe your getting these?
  10. jv92red

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    I ordered these on Amazon Monday night for $27.90.  Today they are now $29.90!  Dollar a day increase for these now?  For those of you who wanted to buy backups, your backup pair will soon be twice the price or more than your current pair! 
  11. jv92red

    T-Peos H-100 Hybrid IEM Appreciation Thread

    So for the poeple in the states who have ordered these direct, what is the shipping cost you paid or total price paid? Thier website price for the H-100 is 140,000 Won which = $128USD but looks like they're closer to $150USD shipped? This would save $30 not having to go through ebay.  Guess...
  12. jv92red

    T-Peos H-100 Hybrid IEM Appreciation Thread

    Coming into this thread reading all 17 pages and I am impressed with the reviews these are getting, they seem like a winner.  I was hoping to get some help perhaps from any of you that have owned either the RE-262 or the EPH-100 before the H-100.  At this time I'm trying to decide on these two...
  13. jv92red

    I'm looking for an equipment review website

    Depending on what type of audiophile equipment your looking for, check out,  or is where I get many of the online reviews I'm looking for but they are of course website editor reviews.  Perhaps check out for more user reviews than...
  14. jv92red

    Earphones with forward vocals (under $200)

    I too am looking for this sound signature but am looking at sub $170 iem's.  I 've settled my search between two offerings: EPH-100 and RE-262.  From what I gather if providing the RE-262 the power they need from a separate amp the mids are un-touchable for anything priced anywhere close to...
  15. jv92red

    AKG K518LE vs Koss ProDJ100 vs ATH-M50

    I have the Tony Bennett edition of the DJ100 that comes with a case and has a removable cable.  I run mine through a O2 and it did improve when amping, not drastic but noticeably so.  Highs smoothed out some and mid bass caught up to the mids which the mids are the strength of these phones...
  16. jv92red

    Headphone advise for loud work place $200 budget

    With a noisy work environment like that you'll want to isolate as much as possible.  Take a look at Rock-It sounds R-Shield.  These phones are earmuffs with decent headphones built in.  I have never tried these but If they would have been available back when I was looking for a hearing...
  17. jv92red

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    Well for me it was $50 was well spent.  Won't get any cognitive dissonance happening with me.  Perhaps I didn't do my research well enough.  So then I ask the few who think these sound bad, what closed cans would you have had me purchase that sound better to you and that are $50 max?  V6 and...
  18. jv92red

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    My experience with the DJ100 TBSE aligns with what joker said in his review (link below).  I couldn't find better sounding circumaural cans for the $50 I paid.  
  19. jv92red

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    ^ agreed.  I picked up some Tony Bennett special editions a few weeks ago from Tuesday morning for $50 as I needed some closed back phones for family use.  For $50 they are a fantastic buy.  Detachable cord and storage case are nice additions.  Sound exceeded my expectations for the money.  I...
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  21. jv92red

    Q701 impressions thread

    Quote:   Ok, so if I understand correctly, your saying the ODAC is transparent while the HRT MSII is more revealing and a bit more colored which which is why they work well with the Q701.  But you prefer the ODAC to the HRT MSII by far?  You mean for other headphones you own besides the...
  22. jv92red

    Q701 impressions thread

    New member checking in on this thread - I just picked up some White Q701 last week for a smokin deal of $239 at Best Buy!   So here's the story; I recently got a $200 gift card to Best Buy from my work and was thinking of what to use it for. I was in the market for the Q701 since the HD600's...
  23. jv92red

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    Been lurking this thread thought I would post.  I'm thinking about picking up the Koss Tony Bennett Signature edition headphones which are apparently re-badged Pro DJ100 headphones with a detachable coiled cord and case.  They are on sale at the store Tuesday Morning for $49.99 starting on...
  24. jv92red

    Tony Bennett Signature Edition Headphones

    Long time lurker, first post!  If anyone is interested in picking up these headphones, the store "Tuesday Morning" will have these on sale for $49.99 starting October 2nd.  They are also available online at this price but you'll have to pay shipping most likely. Not sure if I can post a store...