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  1. nales

    "Official" Apple battery replacement program started

    Who are they fooling with those prices? $17.00? $19.00? $49.00? $99.00? Oh.
  2. nales

    iPod Compressed wav?

    Quote: Originally posted by blessingx Yes, it can play compressed WAV's... as MP3's or AAC's.
  3. nales

    5 Reasons NOT to buy an iHP-120

    Quote: Originally posted by Spad Wanna cuddle? ok
  4. nales

    5 Reasons NOT to buy an iHP-120

    Quote: Originally posted by Eagle_Driver Actually, high bitrate files worsen the battery life of any MP3 player with hard storage, whether CD or HD. So it's not Apple's fault. Wrong. The Rio Karma, for example, is able to utilize FLAC without compromising battery life. The...
  5. nales

    5 Reasons NOT to buy an iHP-120

    Quote: Originally posted by carlin I think you are completely wrong...first of all, if you are getting 5.5 hours of battery life, you need to get your iPod fixed. My iPod gets at most 9 hours, usually 8. And thats plenty for daily use, at least for me, maybe not for road warriors...
  6. nales

    Will there ever be a .FLAC player?

    Quote: Originally posted by adhoc i use lame 3.92 320cbr alogorithm quality 0 cutoff 20500hz mp3s with my imp400/ksc35 for classical, and unfortunately i can clearly hear the difference if i were to use the original cd. no you can't! why are you lying to us, man?! classical is...
  7. nales

    Toshiba Gigabeat

    I saw the Toshiba Gigabeat 20 GB at Looks like a real beaut. Post your comments within.
  8. nales

    ifp-395t vs ifp-595t

    Quote: Originally posted by Kirosia The IFP-39* series has a flawed design in my opinion. iNNO does the best design work in the business.
  9. nales

    ETYMOTIC users: Lubricate and sanatize the tips in one step

    Earwax and saliva are antimicrobial.
  10. nales

    ifp-395t vs ifp-595t

    The 500 series is a precision intrument that just happens to play music. A must own for any self-respecting gentleman.
  11. nales

    iPod AAC encoding question

    Quote: Originally posted by markkr I just sync'd my iPod with Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon one in 224 AAC and one in alt-preset-extreme MP3. Its probably in my head but I think the AAC sounds just a little smoother?? Of course it is in your head. If anything the MP3 should...
  12. nales

    Feature: Uploading Music

    I agree. In addition, the Archos floats.
  13. nales

    question for refurbished ipod owner

    Never buy refurbished, and never buy Apple.
  14. nales

    Apple Warranty Experience

    yeah, and if i listen to a jehovah's witness i can hear all about how great BLA BLA BLA.... [Karma-powered]
  15. nales

    Saw the Karma @ Circuit City yesterday and ...

    The Nitrus makes the iPOD look like a sailor ship, huh Ian?!
  16. nales

    iRiver iHP-120 with bluetooth?

    The iHP-120 is the Cadillac of DAPs.
  17. nales

    How big is the difference between R10 and CD3000?

    The R10 is a beautiful headphone to own. My top pick 10/2003.
  18. nales

    Saw the Karma @ Circuit City yesterday and ...

    It is not "plastic." It is a high-density molded injectible polymer. Quite a difference.
  19. nales

    Karma sound V. iHP sound?

    Of course the Karma sounds better than the iPOD. To those seasoned, it is like comparing a quality import beer to Coors Light: they both contain alcohol, yes..... but one is AMERICAN. The iPOD is both American and built to the standards of a baby soother, in my opinion. The Karma is built...
  20. nales

    Battery life and file formats - a basic primer

    I noted the iPOD in at least one of the profiles of the members "discussing" this -- as suspected. Folks (esp. zeals), the iPOD is built like a toy and as such it indeed suffers the wrath of shortcuts. I know for a fact that battery life does not drop off when the Karma is used with Wave or...
  21. nales

    The iHP vs. iPod Poll!

    nales is becoming tirEd of the Apple zeals.
  22. nales

    New Pana PCDP

    Looks promising. Who's first?
  23. nales

    Sound of HD players -- iRiver vs Karma?

    The "audio chip" is but one important component of many in influencing the overall sound quality of the output.
  24. nales

    iHP or iPOD

    iHP-120 => Direct transfer from CD to MP3 (FhG encoder => 256 kbps is transparent) Apple's AAC encoder is rubbish anyway. PsyTEL, however, is very good; a substantial improvement at all bitrates vs the best MP3 has to offer. Apple is a superficial company for superficial times.