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  1. Xuster

    How do you afford list

    mmmmmh 3rd year med student with more loan money than he knows what to do with =D  Not the most healthy way to fund hobbies but I figure you only live once...
  2. Xuster

    Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

    I was bored and decided to check out what pen-fi was. I walk away with a yellow Lamy safari and a bottle of noodler ink en route to my house. I don't even like to wallet hates you guys... T.T
  3. Xuster

    2011 Head-Fi Holiday Music Exchange

    I'm in. Xuster, conusa only please!
  4. Xuster

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    lol i have no idea why i just bought the tf10s either. Just seemed like a waste to not buy it >.<
  5. Xuster

    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    LV artsy mm for the gf   and for myself...  
  6. Xuster

    Need Help - Looking for beginner portable headphones for a gift! - no amp, no IEMs

    What does he like to listen to? I've got a pair of HFI780s and I love them. They're pretty portable and comes with a nice bag and my itouch powers it just fine. They certainly sound better with an amp though. Only thing is I listen to a fair bit of classical and they're only so so for that. 
  7. Xuster

    Headphone dealer/store in Upstate, NY?

    Quote: Not much in the way of headphones but I highly recommend Great House of Guitars on tittus ave for your music needs. They have a pretty great selection.  
  8. Xuster

    Headphone dealer/store in Upstate, NY?

      Quote: Sorry for temporarily hijacking this thread, but do all the stereo shops carry those headphones in rochester or is it just the one on Jay Scutti?
  9. Xuster

    Pitchfork new 10.0

    Yea it's clipped to hell. Apparently it was mastered by vlado. the album is brilliant though. I've listened through this album a good 9 or 10 times already.
  10. Xuster

    Black Friday & Hi-End Headphones

    Everyday is a Black Friday on the Head-Fi For Sale/Trade Forums! =D
  11. Xuster

    Pictures of headphones - WORN!

    Definitely male. His name is Kim Jae Joong. Google and take in all that is wrong with asia entertainment >____<;;
  12. Xuster

    Pictures of headphones - WORN!

    "HE" barely counts as really can't get away with more feminine features and still have a M on your passport. Quote:
  13. Xuster

    2010's dissapointments in music

    Kaskade - "Dynasty"   i was utterly crushed by this album. it was SO uninspired i had to stop listening to it and pick it back up later. i still think about the disappointment like every other day...sigh   O and does anyone remember Xiu Xiu - "Dear God, I Hate Myself"? really hyped up, and...
  14. Xuster

    Hilary Hahn: Higdon & Tchaikovsky Violin Concertos

    I would love to hear your feedback on her tchaikovsky because tbh, I'm a bit dubious. She can be so meek with her playing and tchaikovsky just destroys you if you don't commit.
  15. Xuster

    *MUSE fan only!!* What's your fav album?

    My favorite album of Muse is definitely "HAARP Live From Wembley Stadium."  
  16. Xuster

    good cans under 150

    yea I would second grados, especially if you like treble. Sr80s or alessandro ms1s. Maybe elaborate on what you mean by "good" mids and highs. What type of music do you listen to?
  17. Xuster

    Help me find some good dubstep

    flux pavilion...Got 2 Know is a nasty track
  18. Xuster

    New album releases in 2010 - Update/discussion thread

    Edit: Currently working on my reading skills =(...   It got released a month early because of the leaks...Embrace the NOIZE!!   Kaskade has a new album out too called Dynasty. I was pretty disappointed by it though =( doesn't have the same energy as his previous albums.  
  19. Xuster

    Looking for some recommendations

    I recommend Alphataurus' self titled album. It's in italian but whatever, it's great music regardless.
  20. Xuster

    The National - High Violet !!!!!!

    This is my first exposure to The Nationals and I got to say I'm pretty impressed. Solid album with a lot of replay value I think. Runaway is just an awesome track.
  21. Xuster

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

  22. Xuster

    New album releases in 2010 - Update/discussion thread

    New Unkle album "Where Did the Night Fall" is pretty sweet. Sounds different from his older stuff but the tracks are varied and all very fun. Highly recommend it.
  23. Xuster

    New album releases in 2010 - Update/discussion thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Marcus_C In the Electronic World I am chiefly waiting for; Pendulum - Immersion (due 24th May) Chemical Brother's - Further (due 7th June) Having heard preview tracks from them both they sound very promising, In fact from a pendulum dj set recently I...
  24. Xuster

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?