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  1. Selenium

    Dunu Titan 3 for trade

    So I'm willing to trade these for something like the Ostry KC09, Toneking Ninetail, Macaw GT600S, Brainwavz B200, etc. I'm open to different offers, so feel free to come at me with ideas. I'd also be willing to trade for the Fiio F9 since mine was recently stolen. You might have something you...
  2. Selenium

    Shozy Hibiki discussion thread

    Just got these. I'll be adding to this post as I burn them in with impressions, comparisons, and a review. And cake. Some impressions; the shells are big. And they're shallow-fitting earphones so they tend to protrude more than you would think. Makes them slightly susceptible to wind noise...
  3. Selenium

    Echobox Finder X1 review/impressions/discussion thread

    Big thanks to Gilly87 at Echobox for sending me out a review sample. I am not affiliated with Echobox...but the Finder X1 has been on my radar ever since I first saw it; so I'm thankful for the opportunity. They also have a flask-shaped DAP on the horizon which...
  4. Selenium

    Pono Player fire sale

    I need money fast, hence the low price. It comes with a 64 gig card already loaded up with music and another 64 gigs of onboard memory I've barely touched. It's in good condition, but you can notice some minor scrapes on the black plastic if you look closely enough in the right lighting. It's...
  5. Selenium

    JVC FX700

    I'm mainly interested in a trade. Interested in high-end IEMs. W3/W4, SM3, EQ5/EQ7, GR10, CK10, etc. The JVCs are in good condition but I can't say they look "new." There are a couple scratches. You have to really be looking to see them. Case, UE extension cable, and tips included.
  6. Selenium

    Audio Technica M50

    These are in "like-new" condition, but my camera sucks. I never use them. I prefer IEMs. I'm open to trades. They come with the original box.